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  1. The messaging system is bugging out. In my recent discussion (at least an attempt) with another user ( through private messages there were a lot of confusion. Some messages that I send did not arrive to them. And some messages that they sent did not arrived to me. They said that they have send 2 messages that I haven’t replayed to, and I did not get those messages. In total I received 4 messages from them but I should have received more. And I sent them 3, but I don’t know how many they have received. And now I can’t delete messages from my inbox. I click the button, pop up window comes up, I confirm and nothing is happening. The message is still there, I refresh the page, log out, log in, try a different browser and nothing happens. The message is still there. I think that this has nothing to do with the system I’m using, but still: OS windows 7, Internet explorer 11, Chrome. Also you should really put a delete option for sent messages. Not having that is just stupid.
  2. I think that it would be nice to see how much the MOC weighs. The weight calculation could be derived from parts list. The parts list already contains a count of each part used so it can easily give a total weight in grams. Every time I want to se how much something weighs I have to check the weight of each part on bricklink and then do calculations... it's a tedious job. So having this automated would be a huge advantage.
  3. It would be nice if can see who are ours followers. That will give some insight or feedback of what our skills are and where are we as builders.
  4. I agree. But this has nothing to do with my suggestion. The only "harm" (witch is not harm by the way, and I don't think it's harmful) is that you can get level points. It's not sportsmanship conduct to award points to yourself. That's the only reason why I suggested this. But, hey, if people don't do that, then great.
  5. A moc designer should NOT have the options to follow him/herself and to like his/hers own mocs.
  6. I have an idea for a new badge groups. 1st - a badge if your MOCs are made out of real Legos 2nd - a badge if your MOCs are made in digital software Admin will decide on the number of MOCs.
  7. We should really be able to login both to the forum and to the website with the same account. Right now this are 2 separate logins. We have to register separately to the website and forum. My suggestion id to make this 1. Same account, same login.