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  1. I was missing one copy of 2736 in gray it seems, so this should be added to both b model versions... I adjusted my costum list
  2. I recently build the B model of the mercedes arocs (42043). The instructions I downloaded included 'corrected' in the filename, whatever that means. I made an inventory and it seems that the current inventory on rebrickable is off for a few parts. I counted every pafrt where I differ with the inventory twice. As I am not allowed to submit changes, I link my part-list here: https://rebrickable.com/users/fakusb/lists/23912/ Here is a diff: https://rebrickable.com/sets/compare/slow/?1-set=&1-user_list=23912&2-set=42043-1-b1&2-inv=11794&2-user_list= In my list, two parts are just in other versions as on the rebrickable inventory, but the version I use agrees woith the version used for the a-model, so i choose that version. Best, Fabian
  3. Hi, It seems that the recaptcha-version used when registering in the forum will defunct at the 31st March, at least that is what is read in the captcha when I registered 5 minutes ago. I had to reload to get a 'real' captcha instead of this warning. Best, Fabian