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  1. Thank you very much. That was indeed the problem. (After playing around with the options, the non-minifigure part 3794a is also showing up correctly, so it was the minifure option and someother option aswell) Best Regards Leo
  2. Hi, I recently build MOC-0845, upon building some minor parts were missing. The missing parts are are listed in the Overview inventory page, but they appear to be missing when I went to "Build this MOC" Page, where I extracted the part List for Bricklink and they are also absent from the exported part list. The missing Items were: 90370pr0001 Black 42446 Black 4599a Black 30377 Light Bluish Gray The same thing happens with other MOCS from the same designer. For example: MOC-1236: 4599a, 30377, 60849 and MOC-5711: 3794a, 2488, 42446 are missing when proceding to the "Build this MOC"-Page Or is it just me? Best Regards Leo