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  1. Yes, but that specific MOC, MOC-14608, is definitely selling, way way more than my other ones that were displayed in "find MOCs", and wasn't displayed. Now it's back, but here's what I believe happens: when your MOC is selling but not enough to appear in the first page of "premium MOCs", it may not appear in the full "see all premium MOCs" list, which seems not to start from the beginning, but like at page two. And here's where the problem might be, it's not starting exactly after the end of the main page, so when a MOC is selling just not enough to appear in the main page, it's like stuck in-between the main page and where the "see all premium MOCs" starts, thus it never appears. Makes sense? In short: say "top-selling premium MOCs" displays MOCs 1..50, it seems like "see all premium MOCs" doesn't display MOCs starting at 50, but perhaps 60, 70 or something? OR perhaps I don't understand how "see all premium MOCs" is sorted, but it's not sorted by time (plus there's "newest MOCs" for that already), so I'm assuming it's too sorted by top-selling. But in any case, the one of mine that was missing was nowhere to be seen, back then (in any of the "see all premium MOCs" pages).
  2. Hello, First let me say that this is more of an oddity that I spotted, than a complaint. I only have 2 MOCs that ever sold, and only 1 left after the other got "stolen" by the Chinese. Not even complaining, they're both of "a popular license", thus I'd attribute it to that anyway. So that one MOC sells regularly, but it got rather quiet recently. I browsed the "top-selling premium MOCs" pages, to see where it was, because it has been on the main (top-selling premium) page for like over a year. It wasn't on the main page anymore, and that's ok, I don't even think it deserved to stay there for so long, however it also was in none of the 20 pages. And that's strange because my MOCs that don't sell at all, some of them were there. Thing is, I was logged off. I logged in, and there, my MOC was there (not on the main page anymore but on page 1). Strange, so I logged off, and again, it wasn't there, the pages are totally different than when I'm logged in. I'm sure there is a reason for different things to be displayed when you're logged in, however I still think there has to be a bug, because I can't have my (by magnitude) top-selling MOC not any visible while I'm seeing other MOCs of mine that have only sold 1 or 2, not even this month. Any idea? Thanks Edit: trying again, there is now another bug that I had already seen in the past. Right now I'm logged off and I'm not even seeing the premium MOCs anymore. When I click on the premium MOCs tab, it's exactly the same as the discounted MOCs tab now.
  3. anothergol

    Gold color question

    I confirm, to me A, B D & E are the same pearl gold color. Lego is just inconsistent at that color. You even seem to be missing the latest change, which is very noticably darker gold, but still "the same color". But perhaps it's B on your picture, even though it's normally even darker. There is no "metallic gold" in your picture. Just like its silver counterpart, it's plated & pearly, but not chrome-looking.
  4. Hi, Considering how tedious & prone to errors (I still hate how sometimes after importing a MOC, some parts got silently not listed (like, telephone handset pretty much disappearing after importing from a .io file - last time I had to manually compare 600+ parts to find which ones were not imported) it is to edit parts as "any color" (when we've already color-coded them in our editor), is there a color that, when using one of the import filters, gets converted to "any color"? If not, I suggest "metallic sand yellow" for LXF import, as there's pretty much nothing in that color. For, there are a lot of "useless" colors there, like the glitter ones, that could be used for that. Or am I missing something? I can't find a way to assign "no color" in (nor LDD obviously) Thanks
  5. Simple suggestion for easier AND cheaper Rebrickable commissions: you take 10%, so why not just redirect each 10th sale to Rebrickable's own Paypal? First, it makes things simpler as there's no invoices to bother with, second, it doesn't involve a 2-way payment & Paypal taking a commission again. And if someone changes the price of his MOC, or too many months have passed and invoices have to be recomputed, well just feed yourself on the next sales until the remainder has been payed. Still easier IMHO.
  6. Indeed, but consider that the amount that people would tip, they would most likely donate more to Paypal than to you. And I would also suggest a switch to accept all currencies, to reduce a bit what Paypal steals. It's safe to say that half is paid in EUR & the other half in USD, I would prefer to accept both (or define a price in both currencies). I think that when you're as low as 1 or 2 bucks to get instructions, it's more or less a tip system. Only, again, it's mainly Paypal that gets the 1 or 2 bucks. I have no solution to this, though. Is there any cheap micropayment/tipping system out there that'd be suitable? If not, a credit system build-in Rebrickable would be welcome. I would have suggested cryptocurrencies, as *some* (not BTC of course) have very low fees (& there's BAT designed for tipping in browsers), but Rebrickable would have no way to tell when it has been paid (or perhaps there is with BAT, I don't know, anything that's not BTC/ETH is not mainstream yet anyway). Other than that, I'd suggest setting up a, it's very simple to insert as an URL. But beware, no one's gonna donate. I've tried it
  7. Not to dig up my old thread, but am I the only one thinking it's kinda critical, or has this suggestion been made in different words? Or is this what "spare parts" are about? Because it's different: I can imagine 3 extra marks for a part in an inventory, which could be combined: 1) "any color", for all hidden parts. Let's face it, hidden parts are a big part of many MOCs, and it's a bit silly to require the user to buy a part of a specific color, while he may already have the part in another color. Also, it would drastically reduce the amount of shops required to find all of the parts. 2) "any sub-type". This is for those many elements that have mold variations, or similar molds. The most common example being tile+clip. Let's agree that generally the type of clip only matters aesthetically. Looking for shops that have "any tile+clip" would also reduce the amount needed. 3) "any filler". This would be for hidden parts that are just fillers, & for which another part taking the same room would do as well. Granted, this would be much less easy to make work. I'm saying this because in the past, I've color-coded hidden parts in instructions, telling the reader "green parts are any color - just use what you already own", but I then realized from pictures that actual green parts had been bought & used for the assembly.
  8. I don't remember having seen anything related to those 2 parts, but well, cool that it's fixed, thanks.
  9. I just noticed that the light brick, 98782 in trans red, was not added to the inventory of a MOC I just added. I then checked another MOC of mine which also had a light brick, it was not there either. Not a big problem to add it manually, but the importer didn't complain about it at all, so the problem is to be sure that no other part is missing. Shouldn't the importer complain about parts it couldn't interpret from LXF files, to be safe?
  10. I thought that this feature was already there, so I'm sorry if it really is, but I couldn't find it. Basically, in a MOC there are generally hidden parts, for which the color doesn't matter. Is this what the "none" part color already is? If not, could we get a new "any color"? Also, even if that's what "none" already is, I can't imagine myself doing this manually, especially when those parts are merged with those for which the color matters. So I'd suggest the LXF importer to use an uncommon LXF color like "metallic sand blue" (or a user-defined color) to import parts as "any color". That way, say a MOC of 200 parts has 50 totally hidden parts, you just color them differently, and the importer does the rest. That should result in more shops having all the necessary parts.