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  1. Hi, If I have bought a whole bunch of the missing parts in a single order from bricklink, is there some way to then update my parts list to say that I now have those parts, so I can find out what I am still missing? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, yes this is it: https://rebrickable.com/users/jsp56/lists/24486/ There might be a couple of duplicates where I lost count and added an extra to be sure, but there's nothing missing.
  3. I have made the list public now. Thanks. Our set was 75 bits short, so that's not too bad.
  4. Brilliant, thanks. Will you be able to somehow publish that list so that others can use it, or should I arrange that myself through some other site? Thanks!
  5. Hi, We are working through the spinner factory instructions laying out one of each part and making a tally chart of how many there are. I'm thinking that once I have the full list I will go to the inventory on your site of the retail core set, and find each piece and use the "Add part" "My custom list" features to make a new list that includes all of the spinner factory parts. I just wondered if you think that is the right way to do it? We are about half way through the instruction manual now, so I thought it would be good to ask in advance. Thanks!
  6. Ordinarily it's meant to be built from two Education core sets and one education expansion set. We have one Ev3 retail core set, one education expansion set, and we are about to get an education core set for my son's 8th Birthday. He's very keen to know if there will be a small number of technical lego-type bricks missing that we could potentially fill in to make our collection up to the pieces needed. We're a lego-ey kind of house, if you know what I mean.
  7. Thanks for answering. :-) It's this one: https://le-www-live-s.legocdn.com/sc/media/lessons/mindstorms-ev3/building-instructions/model-expansion-set/ev3-model-expansion-set-spinner-factory-6d8c52194ff5e918e8aa9a4a9fd8f261.pdf
  8. Hi, I have added my three mindstorms sets to my sets list on rebrickable, and I would like to find out if I have enough parts to build the spinner factory. I wondered if there is a tool to find this out? I can't seem to find the parts list for the spinner factory. My sets are - Education core set, Education expansion set, and Retail core set. I think I may just need a few more small bricks to get there. Thanks! WhackABoom (Age 7, asking via Mum)