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  1. I know about the option. That option "exclude minifigs" is on by default and produces the wrong numbers. The way I think percentages should work is "percentage of [non-minifig] set parts that I have".
  2. I'm a new user who added only 1 part. When I use "BUILD SEARCH", it shows that I can partially build 500 sets with up to 22% completion. This is obviously wrong. The root problem seems to be with handling minifigs and stickers - the numbers are as if I had all the required minifigs/stickers, which inflates the numbers. If the set has 1000 parts and 100 are minifig-related, then the set would be shown as 10% complete, since 100=10% of the parts are "not missing". A better way to handle this would be to ignore minifigs in both the number of required parts and the number of available parts. This way I'd get 0% for all sets. An example with current behavior (remember, I do not have any parts): 22.0% Missing: 893 of 1145 parts Build Story Starter Core Set 45100-1(1145 parts) Educational and Dacta2013