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  1. I really like the function to compare Sets, MOCs and Custom Lists. However, the options what to do with the results are very limited. All the internal Rebrickable "targets" are missing, e.g. I would like to add the result of a comparison (or the common parts) to a new Custom or Parts List instead of just exporting to a file. This is e.g. very useful when you did combine the required parts for multiple builds into multiple Bricklink orders and you want to separate them out later again after reimporting the orders from Bricklink. I think this should be quite easy to add, right?
  2. Unfortunately, I don't know. Probably a long time ago (1+ year).
  3. I’m not sure how it happened, but I have one set in my assembled sets list, that I can’t delete (42043). I can add another one and delete, I can add the same again and delete except one. Please help (I.e. remove the set) and fix the issue.