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  1. I think one of the big problems with this idea is that there are lots of different ways of sorting and storing Lego, and the containers that people have available in their region are going to be different as well. I use fishing tackle boxes without the lids as drawers in custom made wooden shelves. Larger pieces get stored in tubs elsewhere, and large plates/flat objects get stored in those plastic drawers for A4 paper. Stacked vs loose will also significantly affect how much volume they take up, and determining fill factors for randomised loose pieces would be tricky. Collections usually grow, so having an adaptable system will be the best option.
  2. icedragonj


    A set I built recently had some water where they put trans clear plates over the top of light blue (azure?) plates. This gave an interesting effect. Maybe you could vary the shade of blue under the clear plates, and have darker blues for deeper sections?
  3. icedragonj

    part 2456a?

    Thank you both for your responses! So my understanding is that unless I have evidence of when the mold variation was introduced, I should just leave it alone under the single part number for now. Might try and do some research at some stage if I have the energy! Unfortunately I do not have a large organised set of vintage lego, the few pieces I do have are from bulk lots I got off ebay, which means an unsorted incomplete mess.
  4. icedragonj

    part 2456a?

    Ah, I misunderstood what was meant by cross-supports because the first version I looked at was the 2x2 part 3003. This part has a 3003a without cross support version despite the original 3003 not having any cross supports. I was talking about the little ridges on the sides as this was the only difference I could see so I assumed that was what was meant by cross-supports. Are these ridges minor enough to not be considered as a mold variation? They seem to have been added on all 2 wide bricks at the same time as the cross supports.
  5. icedragonj

    part 2456a?

    I was going through and cataloging some old parts and noticed most of the 2x bricks have an a version, for example 3003 and 3003a with the a version missing the cross supports and was used in older sets. For part 2456, the 2x6 brick, there doesn't seem to be a 2456a version in the database, but I have some that are missing cross supports. Should I add this as a new part? Is the date when cross-supports were added the same for all brick sizes? Could we tell which sets are meant to have the 2456a version based on date? For part 3007, the 2x8 brick, there is already a 3007a version, but it is missing the tubes from the bottom which is a different variation to the other a options. Should 3007a be renamed to 3007b for consistancy, with a new 3007a part being added as the version without cross-supports? I have some of these as well. 3006 2x10 brick has the same issue as 3007, and again I have some parts that are missing the cross-supports.
  6. I am located in Australia, which means most online Lego stores are located far away and have expensive postage that often outweighs the cost of the set. I have set my region setting to only show me sets/parts located within Australia to help save on postage. I am watching a number of sets and frequently get e-mail notifications saying this set is on sale! only to click through and see no copies of the set available in Australia. At all. Let alone on sale. I would love to get notifications of sets I can actually buy, but I am never going to see them because I am used to them all being false alarms.
  7. Hi Martien, If you want to find MOCs to build that you already have the parts for this can be done! Instead of going to MOCs -> Find MOCs as it sounds like you are doing, go to the Build section (to the left of the MOCs button). Here you can set your build options, how picky you are about colours matching, what themes you are interested in, then click search and it will show you what you have the parts to build. I hope this helps!
  8. I feel like this could have worked better as a link to a survey. Did you end up making a custom motor?
  9. While I am not fortunate enough to own this set, I wouldn't worry. You will be putting a massive arm on the front which will balance out the weight. If it wasn't a bit back heavy at this stage, now that would be cause for concern! I hope you enjoy the rest of the build =)
  10. Not sure I completely understand your question. If you are looking for new things to build with the parts you have, you can add them to rebrickable and search for MOCs that you have a certain percentage of the parts. It is a great place for finding new things to build.
  11. icedragonj

    Search A Parts List

    If you go to a parts list there is a search box down on the left hand side. Not sure if it was added after you asked your question.
  12. There are lots of great car based MOCs on rebrickable. Some are very detailed and have nifty suspension etc. I would recommend finding one you like and starting from there.
  13. By old mindstorms do you mean NXT or RCX? There are a few DIY options for NXT to power functions. I don't know if anyone has tried a RCX to power functions cable.
  14. I hope that restoring your set is going well! Most parts that have been superseded will be able to be replaced by the newer versions. Often they are very minor mold changes, but the part remains functionally the same. Newer parts are often easier and cheaper to source.