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  1. Hello Rebrickable members, I am excited to announce a new Kickstarter project for a new inventory and order management software application specifically designed for LEGO® sellers (there will also be a base version that hobbyists can use for managing their purchases and personal collection). Anyone who has used BrickStock, or BrickStore before it, knows how much time can be saved with such a program. However, one of the shortcomings of these applications has been the lack of continued support, updates, and new features (through no fault of their creators, mind you). And so, the idea for our application, InvenStorey, was born. At its core, Invenstorey will provide the same abilities as BrickStock but with on-going support for users and regular updates, including new features. But we want to make this program even better. Some of the ideas for new features are: - Smart Catalog: Imagine the ability to hide portions of the catalog that you don't use (think really old sets, parts and minifgures; or third-party custom items) and adding custom tags to make searching for parts easier. - Integration with other services: if you use services like ShipStation,, or others to purchase shipping online, you'll be able to download orders into InvenStorey and fulfill them without leaving the application. - Sync your inventory: the ability to sync inventory across multiple marketplaces, or even your own website. - iPhone/Android App: after the main application is completed, the addition of a smartphone app that will allow you to scan inventory into the application, either by UPC or by image search. These are just a few ideas, but the best ideas will no doubt come from the community this project is for. We know that backers of this project will have lots of feedback on what features are needed for their business. Through polling, live stream discussions, and closed beta periods, we expect to get tons of new feature ideas to add to InvenStorey. Please take the time to check out our Kickstarter project and send us any questions or feedback you have. Thanks, Mike Programmer, InvenStorey