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  1. FYI, You can add location notes as a pro user.
  2. jaredhinton

    Should all books be in the book category?

    I've done these, thanks. In future a CR would be great. Regarding renumbering, I'll leave a more knowledgeable Admin to answer.
  3. jaredhinton

    Known variations from box part count

    Which matches the number on the box? The manual or the website?
  4. jaredhinton

    Known variations from box part count

    I was under the impression Stickers weren't part of the part count, don't know why I think that. They don't have them pictured on the 'parts included' picture in instructions/boxes
  5. jaredhinton

    Known variations from box part count

    Haha, I've been saying the exact opposite. We had a discussion a while back that came to the conclusion to have them in the main inventory as Lego count it on the official part count. For the record, imo I agree with Toby but I do see the validity of putting them in the main inventory. Is their an option to ignore Brick separators on build calcs?
  6. jaredhinton

    Help with pieces please

    Well thats easy, once your parts are on a part list put the set number in the database and it'll tell you what % of parts you have for it.
  7. jaredhinton

    Help with pieces please

    The easiest way to find sets is to enter all your parts on a parts list and use the build calculator to see what sets you have. Almost every part has a part number on it. you can use that number to search the database. If that fails the only other option is to go through each Lego category and find your part (the plane parts will be in Transport - Sea and Air category). A few tips: 1. We don't inventory stickered parts. If your part has a sticker you will not find it in our database. 2. Make sure the Year Toggle Bar covers the years you want (the most common reason people can't find something is because they aren't looking in all the years) 3. If in doubt on a particular part post a picture on here. Someone can usually help. Good Luck!
  8. jaredhinton

    New member: How do I request and recieve a API key

    Welcome to the site.
  9. jaredhinton

    Known variations from box part count

    Thanks I'll sort it now. There will be hundreds as spare parts I'm sure. Whenever I come across one I fix it.
  10. jaredhinton

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    I've just started the build (on bag 3). I'll keep an eye out.
  11. jaredhinton

    Known variations from box part count

    We try and reflect the box part count as much as possible. But there definitely has to be expections, like you said about combo parts (parts on sprues especially) but we shouldn’t be lower. Brick separators should always be in the main inventory and not spare parts. If you see any as a spare please submit a cr to correct it. Stickers are trickier and is something that has had other posts discussing them. if you find any discrepancies in numbers if you flag them to us we can run the BOT to see if the parts can be easily found and made, if that doesn’t work it’ll have to be the good old fashioned search and submit route. Oddly, Ninjago sets seem to suffer most from Lego not correctly listing parts (especially minifig parts) so there’s a lot of work to be done on them.
  12. jaredhinton

    Rebrickable Themes

    This is why tags are important along with whatever Theme system we agree upon. The Original Winter Toy Shop could be left in the current seasonal theme (which will still be needed for the un-labelled seasonal sets we get (mostly the giveaways)) and tagged correctly to link into the rest of the winter village sets. We started this process as it became increasingly difficult to determine what theme certain sets belonged to. Creator 3 in 1's are the antithesis of this. The often have cars, planes, animals, creatures, all in one set. This has caused them to be 'abandoned' in the Master Creator theme, making the Creator Sub-themes redundant. Once we opened this can of worms more issues arose (such as SW, City/Town, etc...) If the Theme system is currently unworkable we don't want to keep going down that road. In 5-10 years it will be a mammoth task to rectify it all.
  13. jaredhinton

    Rebrickable Themes

    That's exactly what I was saying. You approach themes with a very different definition. Lego could rename Creator sets next month and everyone would expect us to have a new theme with the correct Lego Theme name (rightly so), it would feel wrong to continue to lump them together or rename all creator themes to the new name. IMO Themes are not about what the type of set is, or how people use that set. It's purely about having our information correct to the information available to us from Lego. As far as I know we have no intention of re-themeing old sets like the 1911-1. Historic sets like that that have generic Lego themeing will remain in their widely accepted themes. Tags will achieve what you want when you talk about connecting sets like those you listed.
  14. jaredhinton

    Rebrickable Themes

    This is exactly how I feel. I think it’s a fundemental difference of the definition of the purpose of having themes. Bio dreamer seems to lean towards the ‘category’ approach similar to other sites (and the historic approach) where someone, at some point, decided what theme a set is (City > Fire for example) to help organize things, but this was before tagging systems have become so prevelant. Tagging now serves that purpose (and exceeds its capabilities 100 fold) so using the ‘theme’ system to achieve categorising is just a duplication. I feel themes should be an official reflection of what Lego say. They tell us, we put it there. We add tags to help categorise the set. The deciding of a theme should not be down to interpretation. Any set I’m moving I am adding Tags to reflect the theme I moved it from. The last thing we want to do is to cause sets to get lost when people search the way they always have. My two cents: they should be creator expert with modular and building tags. MB is a term that has become synonymous with those sets but I don’t believe it’s ever officially been used by lego (outside set descriptions).
  15. jaredhinton

    Rebrickable Themes

    This made me smile. As a Brit living in America Legos drives me nuts!!!!!!