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  1. Hard to tell from lack of unique parts. That windscreen on the back is in over 180 sets. Is the police sign on the side a sticker? Looks custom to me but you can never be 100% sure until you've ruled out official sets. But you need a part that can help you narrow it down
  2. welcome! The easiest way to find what else you can build is to look on the alternate builds tab on the sets page. This list available official builds (b models, sub sets), and any MOCs users have made (alt builds, Modifications). I just checked the mobile crane set for you and we actually don’t have anything yet, but that’s common for new sets. It takes time for MOC designers to buy the set and design something else with it. There’s also no official b model for that set. The next thing to do is to use the build calcs tool to find something to build. To do this you need to have the set as owned in a set list and have your build calc settings to include the set. Next you click the Build tab on the toolbar. Run through the process and it will give you some sets you can build with your parts. hope that’s useful.
  3. We (and other sites) combine 2533 into one listing with 84943. Can you post a comparison image of the differences? If you take it on a white background we can add the 2533 variation as a new part and put the image on the parts for all to see.
  4. Part 93888 is the same as 3007. If you search either number in our database it will take you to 3007. So yes you can use either part.
  5. A mold variation is used when the functionality of the part is the same but the part looks different somehow. if the change potentially affects the function they get assigned the alternate relationship.
  6. Hi all, just wanted to share that I will be going to Bricks LA LEGO convention this weekend in Pasadena, California. I’ll be there getting getting pictures and talking to MOC designers and will share with those not able to attend. If anyone’s going to be there as a MOC displayer let me know and I’ll make sure I find you.
  7. Just a tip, you should list your maze MOCs as Mods of the original set so they show up on that sets alt builds tab. Might help them get more exposure.
  8. Just a extra note. If a set has the tag Needs Inventory only (ie does not have a pending tag) please feel free to submit inventories. This is the tag we use when we can’t get the inventory from LEGO. Mostly used for older or obscure sets.
  9. Nice, Your lucky, my local target has 30% off some city stuff that’s it. If there were good deals on creator sets I definitely would’ve picked some up.
  10. Yeah, it’s annoying but very common. Where are you based? All the stores around me (Los Angeles) are being good and not putting out the new stuff.
  11. Hi, Never be sorry for asking questions, we were all noobs at some point. that set has a pending tag, meaning the official inventory has yet to be released by LEGO. We don’t accept inventory changes for sets tagged pending because once lego release the inventory it is added to the set. The missing part you are talking about (if it’s not a stickered part) should be added to the database once the inventory is released (not always, lego are good at missing parts). Also, for future changes you can use the Change Request button on the set of part page. You earn points doing it that way which eventually earn you badges for various things. Thanks, Jared
  12. Star Wars, Technic, and Speed Champions are definitely the most popular themes for MOCs.
  13. I don’t know if anyone makes enough to quit their day job but designers definitely make money. You just have to be realistic. People won’t pay silly money for instructions, especially for smaller MOCs. I’ve heard a couple of people complain they don’t sell anything but are trying to sell a 200 part MOC that could easily be reverse engineered from images for $10.
  14. Sure, we can accept it without an image based on the existence of the left one.