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  1. There's loads of extra spaces. I removed them on all parts and correctly named those ones that still had the Lego Name.
  2. Sometimes if the text is copied from another source the spaces are actually different which causes them to appear at the top of a search, I've come across this with heads recently. I'll have a look at a couple in your example and see what happens.
  3. Every category needs some maintenance on part names to make them all consistent. It’s a long, slow process but we’ll get there eventually. You could do a search in any category and discover similar results.
  4. You can map the other sites numbers on the admin tab. Just put in there number and which site it’s for
  5. Definitely don't submit a CR for several sets in one. The CR provides us a link for ease so it would be alot more work finding the sets you are talking about that aren't linked to the CR. Currently the best way to acheive this is through the set notes. A link to the combo pack can be put there. A soft rule for the site is that we don't have unreleased sets in our database. We aren't a Lego News site or Check-Out-This-Rumoured-Set site so we only like to inventory sets once they have been officially announced (and thus be getting released imminently). Or course there are tons of exceptions to this rule (hence the 'soft' aspect, lol). Sets like that Geoffrey should have a part note explaining it's status, and I'm not opposed to an Unreleased Tag for sets like that, @TobyMac what do you think? Sets like the Ghost shouldn't really be in our database yet (another exception to the rule) and I don't think the Unreleased tag is applicable to that set as it is a different type of unreleased. I think Pending is best applied for sets like the Ghost. Any other point you've made that I haven't addressed is intentionally being ignored by me, lol. They're either too complex for me to want address, I'm being lazy, or they're out of my understanding, haha. Thanks, Jared
  6. This part had the incorrect sets attached to it, I corrected the sets and now this has zero. Can anyone identify what head the photo actually belongs to? I suspect this is a duplicate entry and would like to put the photo to the correct part. https://rebrickable.com/parts/3626cpr9928/minifig-head-brown-eyebrows-light-brown-cheek-lines-print-hollow-stud/ Thanks, Jared
  7. First thought as I saw your CRs coming in. Please try and put all changes for a set on the same CR. Nothings more annoying than making a change, closing it all down then two CRs later having to open it all again to make more changes to the same set. It all adds to our time. [Edit] points from here down are my opinions as a user, not RBs official stance on policy and procedure. Felt I needed to make that clear. Secondly, regarding combo packs. im talking about packs that are like value-packs (I think there’s one with kylo ren bundled with someone else), not sets like Harry & Hedwig. They should be inventoried using the single sets so links to the single sets in set notes is redundant. Lastly, I dont like cryptic tags that don’t have obvious meaning. BH-standard-scale, etc... isnt clear. I’d prefer just ‘4x4x4 Scale’ & ‘3x3x3 Scale’ (or 4 cubed scale but I can’t find the symbol for cubed on my phones keyboard, lol). Otherwise, I commend you on your work to maintain consistency and ease of use across our site.
  8. LEGO don’t seem to have an issue with IP MOCs otherwise Ideas wouldn’t exist. They are actually encouraging people to design sets from IPs they don’t own. Also let’s not forget LEGO are fully aware of what rebrickable is. We have a very good relationship with them and Nathan has built on that to earn status in the Ambassador Network. They wouldn’t have done this if they had a problem with the fundamentals of the site. Does anyone know whether the owners of the IP get a % of each set sold or just a lump sum for the license which LEGO then make the money on? Because if it’s the later (which I think it is) then the owners of the original IP aren’t losing anything from Premium MOC sale.
  9. There's no reason the import for these parts (the microfigs) shouldn't be working. They are active and the handful I checked have the correct mappings.
  10. That’s because you have the show printed parts box unchecked. So the results are ignoring parts with print relations. Tick the box and they all should appear
  11. @JJS That BL mapping is incorrect. BL mappings with ‘bb’ prefix tend to be temp numbers. If you ever see one on a newer part and it doesn’t work question it. i will find and update the mapping. Give me 10 mins. Edit: done. It should work now.
  12. Hi Everyone, I would like help with the description of the Torso for the Watermelon Dude in TLM2 CMF's. https://rebrickable.com/parts/973pr4639c01/mini-upper-part-no-4639/#admin I don't own this part. Photos of it look like it has molded arms in two colors, rather than a print. Can anyone confirm this either way please? Thanks, Jared
  13. The BL pages have good descriptions explaining the difference. Essentially is mostly due to different packaging when it was re-released over the years. Maersk also has a corporate change which affected the set.
  14. This is a long process that we are working on (see minifig categories for example, recently we split them and are renaming everything to be consistent. Minifig accessories are complete so you can see the progress there). We’ll get there eventually.