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  1. Might be just me but I like the color, looks more natural to me for some reason, but for CD's I don't think it would really matter.
  2. Isn’t it alphabetical after the most popular list?
  3. Most people use Stud.io from Bricklink, another popular tool is LDD (Lego Digital Designer) however support for LDD ended a few years ago so it doesn't necessarily have all the newest parts and will no longer be updated.
  4. You are very talented, these look great. If you search our database for mosaic you'll find a handful of star wars ones. Lot's of other too if you're interests vary. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/?q=mosaic
  5. No parts will be restricted to just one tag. A tag system like Toby suggests is not going to happen any time soon. But if it does happen then yes all those terms would be relevant to that part. This post is about what do we do with it in the meantime? If you were looking for this part where would you look first? Curved Sloped Wedged
  6. In that specific case the number was changed to reflect the correct mold variation. If a part get ‘replaced’ with a totally new part there will most likely be (not always 100% present) mappings in place that would automatically direct you to the correct part. However if it’s just a number change that won’t happen. Unfortunately that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m no help regarding how to tell when parts change number, sorry.
  7. Side or surface are interchangeable, our round category tends to be the most easily defined. There’s definitely significantly less round bricks put in other categories like curved than bricks in other categories. the following is how I define parts in my collection, not an authority. These parts go in special bricks. The height of the brick is unchanged, just the shape. You’re right. This is probably the purest example of a wedge brick but there’s so few that fit this type of brick. If we drop wedge as a category that doesn’t mean the word would get dropped from its name. It would still be called a Brick Wedge so it could be found. this is definitely a slope in my collection. Straight surface that has a height change. This is curved. Curved surface that has a height change.
  8. Hi All, In our quest to make our part categories and descriptions consistent and useful I have hit a problem that has always annoyed me as a user. What is a Brick Wedge? Rebrickable doesn't really have any formal definitions which has caused the categories to become mixed (for example we have many parts called Slopes in the Bricks Curved category). Here's my personal definitions for the categories, this is how I inventory my collection. Any help defining them better is welcome. A brick. As a rule I define Bricks as parts that are 2/3’s or more in height (not including studs obviously). Under that is a plate or tile. Brick Curved: a brick that lowers or raises in height in anyway, and amount of times, with a curved surface. Brick Sloped: a brick that lowers or raises in height in anyway, and amount of times, with a flat surface. Brick Rounded: a brick that has a continuous curved surface. Anything else is a special brick. So Brick Wedged is what? A brick with both a curved and a flat surface (for the record I put these in Curved in my collection)? I propose we drop wedged as a category all together and move all parts to somewhere else. I know this could be a large change for how some of you are used to looking through parts but it's clear that the current categories are too confusing to be useful. Once these definitions are decided I will make a help page with them on (and definitions for other categories) giving us a formal policy of how to determine what category a part should be in.
  9. jaredhinton

    ID help please

    It’s in bars. 48729b. Could be the a version. You’ll have to check.
  10. I’m glad you got the really important one about my trolls review, it’s my finest work, haha.
  11. 70644 maps to this part. Sometimes LEGO reuse an existing part but change the design ID. No one knows why most of the time but when they do we merge the entries together and add mappings to make sure whatever number is used to search for the part they can get to it.
  12. I’ve had very occasional issues but always fixed within a few minutes.
  13. It’s because the set is set up with its sub sets as separate sets, not sub sets. It’s how things were done on older versions of the site. It’s a lot of work to change them all over, something that will happen eventually. mom the meantime I’ve added the whole inventory for 60063-1. It is unchecked so there may be errors as it’s an old set (when scraping the inventory from LEGO they use their most recent version of parts meaning if you scrape an old set some parts or colors may be incorrect). I’ll check it later, for now please be aware. thanks, jared
  14. You mean you don’t want to buy your own MOCs?! Why? What’s wrong with them? Haha.
  15. I’m moderately confident that the site is UTC not London. However I think that’s also the same as the UK in the winter so I’m not being very helpful.
  16. jaredhinton

    32064C in tan

    It’s a case of us not knowing what variant comes in what set. lego don’t always give new element numbers when they change the mold. So when a part is added to an inventory from LEGO it will use the old part. We have no way of knowing it’s wrong until someone who has the set tells us. if you submit a CR for the set that has the c variations we can update the inventories.
  17. Heads are our trial part tag category, so check them out. Also filtering by color can be useful. I searched using the facial hair tag and yellow as the part color. and I knew that was a windscreen part so I just looked in that category under yellow to find the part number then looked on Bricklink for stickered versions of the part. always happy to help. Black is the only color that may be missed in the part name. If it’s other colors it should say. There’s a common assumption that if it doesn’t say, it’s black.
  18. The windscreen is this one. https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=6070pb001&in=S
  19. The heads an easy one. https://rebrickable.com/parts/3626bpx97/minifig-head-forestman-knight-moustache-and-forehead-tuft-print-blocked-open-stud/
  20. They often give spares of things like chains so it’s not completely unheard of but yes, it’s unusual.
  21. There is one in the spare parts list, at the bottom of the inventory. If you add a set to a set list it adds all parts, including spares, to your All my parts list. Did you follow retreiverfalcons instructions on how to exclude spare parts from a set?
  22. There is 1 in the spares. All my parts list includes spares.
  23. Added all the mappings. Thanks. odd that 60010-2 isn’t 60010-1 on brickset. I wonder what that’s about.
  24. jaredhinton

    part 2456a?

    You didn't give the other option. Right now the either/or is this:- "...we either need to add a lot of molds and do the hard work of finding out when they came and went in the production history. " or We write in the part notes explaining minor differences until someone puts the work in to figure out all the details of the mold variation in order to add the mold variation to the database. The example you give, 3004, explains a minor difference between molds and explains why we currently don't have a separate listing for it. It's not shifting for each part, the criteria is exactly the same. For those parts that have all the variations listed someone has put the leg work in, on those parts without no one has. It's not easy figuring out which mold came in what. Ideally, you need someone with a large organized collection of vintage LEGO. Otherwise it's many hours of searching the internet for info. Feel free to put the work in and let us know your findings. Make sure to have all supporting information, including pictures, to allow us to evaluate the legitimacy of the new mold. Then we'd gladly approve your new mold variation as a separate part.
  25. jaredhinton

    part 2456a?

    If the parts functionality is changed it’s an alternative part. If it’s cosmetic it’s a new mold. Here’s the definitions of every type of part relation possible on Rebrickable. I will endeavor to create a help page about it for you. Part Relationships Print - Printed/Painted surface Pattern - Marbled color, embossed, molded patterns Mold - Alternate mold which can be used as a functional drop-in replacement Alternate - Similar part that can usually be used as a replacement, not necessarily functionally compatible Pair - One of a pair of parts, e.g., tyre + wheel, left + right panels Subpart - Subpart of a larger composite/assembly part Similar Image - Used to display the related parts image if this one is not available The common process though has been to not add new molds as new parts if we don’t know what sets certain types are in. That’s why you’ll see in many part notes information regarding different types of molds that we list under one part. Yes, there’s lots of work to be done with parts, the system is decades old and has been maintained by many different people. Continuity errors are a small price to pay for the huge benefit of having a community like rebrickable collating all this information together. Hope that’s all helpful.