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  1. This is irrelevant as the vast majority of parts use either EIDs or LDraw images as the main image on thumbs. So you won’t even see a photo until you open the part page, at which point you will be able to tell the difference from its title anyway.
  2. Yes, when better photos are added older ones are deleted so it doesn’t get cluttered. I deleted 10 images from that part when reviewing it to take the total number of secondary part photos from 36 to 26 (which took the total number of photos for that part from 66 to 56). The policy is to only show 1 angle of a part in an image (always has been but was not enforced for a long time, similar to white background policy). That’s why we have secondary photos. This is for numerous reasons. 1. when a photo is a thumb multiple angles in one image make the image far too small to be useful. 2. We don’t want to confuse casual users who may think that the multiple angle is somehow the whole part. 3. Some parts benefit from more than 2 angles. It would be absolutely useless to have an image with 3+ angles in one image. 4. It’s much harder for a user to submit a collaged image than 2 separate images. We are endeavouring to remove photos with the same part in it twice. This doesn’t mean we delete all photos like this, only when a new one is submitted. However newly submitted collage photos are no longer approved. To be clear, duplicate photos have only been getting deleted in the last month-ish as Nathan made changes to the system which allowed this to happen. Nederbriks complaint about missing photos has been ongoing for close to 2 years and has been throughly investigated. We now think we have got to the bottom of it and if you read back on this post it will be clear to you that a couple of big changes to how images are handled by the site over the last year or so have complicated his issue and how he expects the site to act. with the addition of the dummy sets, and upon the completion of Simons LDraw project I am confident Nederbriks issues will vanish.
  3. Also, I just noticed, that image Simon uploaded was from BEFORE I added your brown part to a set and moved your photo to Primary. When he took that Screenshot it was still secondary. If I, Simon, or anyone else look now we do not see it there anymore either, because its now a primary photo.
  4. Again that’s because your brown one is the primary photo (and can be seen on the color breakdown page, just like Simon has showed above). Primary photos do NOT appear on that drop down on the part overview page (which is the one you’ve taken a screenshot of). like Simon asked, if you could do a screenshot of the brown color page that would be great.
  5. These parts are not known to be from either of those places. They fit less there than in classic. I’ll adjust again for you.
  6. Nothing to be sorry about. Because that drop down only show secondary photos, NOT all photos (this is your misunderstanding), your screenshot for example doesn't show the other 30 photos that are in primary position. Primary photos can only be seen on the part color page (unless it's the most common color). Click on a color and you'll see the primary photo at the top and secondary photos of that color in a drop down similar to the overview page. If you go to your brown parts you'll see you photo as I saw it in my screenshots I uploaded earlier.
  7. You are not translating what I’m saying very well. You will not see your photo at the top of the parts overview page. Only the most common color displays there. In 4598’s case black appears in more sets than any other so the page displays the black photo. Scroll down to the colors, find reddish brown, click it and you’ll see what the photos show (these are from my phone so layout is a little different). I am not logged in so this is how any user will see this part. I literally told you “So to fix this we can try this, we will add your parts to a dummy list. I will make your photos primary again. Which will make your photos visible on the parts page.” I made your photos primary so they would appear on the parts colour breakdown page. Please either read more carefully or use a better translator tool. I have solved your problem. Unless your problem is that you want you Photo to be on the main page. Which it will and can never be. I cannot explain to you that you can see the photos any better so I guess we agree, this is the end of this discussion.
  8. Please see this set https://rebrickable.com/sets/LEGO-Classic-1/unused-parts-sold-by-lego-between-1945-and-1960/#info Those two parts now show those colors and if you click the color to take you to the color breakdown page you will see your photos. Simple! also I think Simon May have done something to the LDraw soft you cause they are showing correct too.
  9. You’re doing it again. These photos are not gone. They are still all online. It may be a language thing but stating it that way is a completely different problem. If you tell us they are gone and they’re not, we’re going to tell you nothings wrong and move on and yes on the 30th time telling you so an admin might have less patience. The ones I ‘turned on’ were there and already turned on. They were the primary photo for their color. Because those colors are not in a set they do not get a color breakdown page. Meaning the photo is un-see-able. On the parts overview page that is true for all primary photos other than the 1 that appears in the most sets. For example if a part occurs 100 times in black and 5 times in red it will show the black image. Now this was recently changed (can’t remember when but sometime in the last 12 months). It used to display the first submitted photo. This is potentially the change that has caused you to notice the issue. If your brown image was the first submitted photo for that part it would have appeared as the parts main photo. But now it won’t because it occurs 0 times. What I did for you is made the photo a secondary photo. What this means is every other image we get on top of the primary image gets marked secondary and these are the ones visible in the drop down. I did that so you could see your image. The issue with that is that thumbs in inventories or parts lists don’t use secondary photos. So, that’s why a photo of a part that’s never been in a set wont appear on the parts main page. We have created a work around for unique parts that appear on the pick-a-brick walls, etc... this is removing color errors and allowing the color to get displayed on the part page. We can easily add your unique parts to a similar list which would solve the hidden photos. The next issue about thumbs is another separate issue. Just like Simon said (I’m about to repeat some of what he said), there’s a list of what image gets priority for thumbs. It’s a long complicated list, out of my knowledge to list here. But if a ldraw image is available your photo won’t show. With the LDraw project still in progress there’s still things under construction. Thumbs and ldraw images will still be affected until he is finished. So to fix this we can try this, we will add your parts to a dummy list. I will make your photos primary again. Which will make your photos visible on the parts page. And we will be patient and wait for the LDraw project to complete which will hopefully fix the thumb issue. If not we can have a look then. Please provide a list of parts you would like adding to a dummy list. Obviously i know about these two. Thanks
  10. When were your screenshots taken? Before or after I moved the images to secondary? To be clear, the ldraw images are a very recent thing. You’ve been talking to us about hundreds of missing images for as long as I’ve been an admin, way before Simon even begun the ldraw project. So you can see why we would be confusing your issue. I don’t believe it was ever clear what you were talking about. You constantly claimed photos were getting deleted, when in actuality the issue appears to be the images aren’t mapping to your parts lists correctly. Very different issues. You have never been ignored, I think every single admin has tried at some point to help you with this issue. Now we have a better idea of what your talking about hopefully we can figure something out.
  11. This is the issue. It’s there but not used. It’s part of the EID for the master part. We’ve had all these discussions before and previously always decided to leave it as a spare as it’s not used and the part count for the set already won’t match the box. Its the quintessential set when talking about what an inventory should be.
  12. There are flags that are cloth and flags that are plastic. EDIT: so separating them would cause confusion for casual users. Once part tags are up and running (still a ways off on that) categories that could be separated down will be a lot easier to do so. Watch this space! We are trying to move away from a lot of categories. MFs were recently separated because we hit 10,000 parts in the single MF category making searching the category almost impossible. The couple hundred in flags, etc... aren’t that challenging. Once I’m done with MF heads that category is next on my list to check over as there’s a lot of parts that need renaming and relations / mappings adding.
  13. I guess if you opened them carefully a less honest person could re-seal them and claim them unopened.
  14. Because users wanted the ability to log them, I guess some people just can’t throw away anything LEGO gives them, lol. I believe they should get listed as spare parts.
  15. There’s one for subparts (says SUB PART in top left corner) but I think that usage is incomplete so you may not have noticed it. I’ll investigate.
  16. You can make the argument though that the examples above (kitchen set & wheel) are only displayed by LEGO because they have to be. They are part of the element ID for the subparts that are needed. If LEGO produced these sub parts separately and each had their own element IF LEGO either wouldn’t have included them or wouldn’t have depicted them. As for 3-in-1 sets, why don’t we just inventory the A-model if it doesn’t utilize all the parts. Maybe that’s opening a can of worms. Value-packs are for the most part there for inventory management, not sure it’s really necessary for there to be a part count but my amateur brain says if it’s really wanted I’m sure it would be something that could be easily added. Lebo: I hate the wheel cause we talk about it so often and it’s not an easy problem to solve not because of the actual wheel, lol.
  17. The sub parts should have relationships to their master part, so even if that’s inactive you’ll be able to find them. And they are actually quite common. Essentially anything that comes on a sprue is usually considered 1 part by LEGO but we separate them out. Then there’s things like the Batman accessories and these kitchen accessories that come bagged together.
  18. Erm... technically doesn’t this list all those sub parts as 1 part, so if we have all of them in the inventory it would make our part count higher. If we are wanting to match numbers we should probably go back to using the ‘master’ parts. IMO only parts that are needed to build the set should be included in the inventory. Trying to match the part count on the box is a fools errand as we often list parts very differently to LEGO. Now the exceptions are stickers and tools as they are easily ignored in build calcs, but you can’t ignore a spoon or a wheel that is not used. If they are in the inventory then when someone exports their missing parts to purchase they will be buying unnecessary parts. I hate this wheel in this set, lmao.
  19. I’m not a huge minifig collector so these packs offer very little to me. I liked the LM2 one with the sewer babies but still not enough to buy it. Give me more bricks and I’d bite.
  20. Every part with a print should have a print relation. I’m sure there’s some that slip through the cracks. However I do not know how relations present themselves in the API.