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  1. This is a long process that we are working on (see minifig categories for example, recently we split them and are renaming everything to be consistent. Minifig accessories are complete so you can see the progress there). We’ll get there eventually.
  2. I favour #[No Space] so I have changed it to that. @TobyMac is that ok? Technic has been added to the others.
  3. Pro users get do get a personalised CL for changes made to their collectoon.
  4. That level ‘crap’ gives you some good perks, the ultimate is the free pro-plan if you get high enough. I think you don’t fully appreciate the program to encourage our community to participate.
  5. Ooo exciting! All your work coming to fruition. Has to be satisfying.
  6. Most likely. We're looking at a solution for the issue. If you find any please submit a CR for the B-Model and we'll sort them. Thanks, Jared
  7. Problem solved. Thanks Simon
  8. It’s not that the parts need merging. They are different parts. What’s happened is the would have been changed in the master set and not thought about the b-sets. I’ll have a look and update it.
  9. Part note is definitely the way to go with this because we don’t have an official designation for a similarity like this.
  10. jaredhinton


    The biggest issue is a user could theoretically put a sticker on any part. Would we have to create a part for every use of a sticker whether it’s the official use or not? The user would want us to so they could correctly inventory their part.
  11. You think they look the same? They look very different to me, the biggest difference is one is 4L the other is 3L. They are two very different parts that can’t even really be used as alternates for each other due to the different length.
  12. Just out of curiosity why are your boxes labelled in English? Obviously your fluent but do you speak it often at home?
  13. Super-packs/Value-packs will always have 0 parts unless something is put in place to total the number of parts in the sets, which, I feel, is probably more work than it's worth. And these should never be considered sub-sets as they were officially released as separate sets, not just what someone separated at some point like with these Books, or advent calendar days. I tend to agree with Simon. The only added value to having parts listed separately is to link through to a BL listing for just the parts, but even then that value is quickly lost because the book listing on BL links to the parts listing they have so although the export data might not be direct a RB user can find what they want within 2 clicks. And adding books as a part is a really bad idea. To be consistent what would happen if the set is just a book? Would we have to create a Set and a Part for it just so the set can have the book as a part? The more people I talk to on RB it seems clearer to me what people use us for is collection management, then people figure out how powerful a website it is and they get into MOC building. Personally, I think the database should reflect those things before how it exports to selling sites. And having a system that duplicates parts in someones collection seems silly. I also only think we should list official Lego merchandise. Not licensed stuff, ever. But if someone wants to add their official Lego lunchbox then why not, if a user wants to put in the effort to add that kind of thing then I don't object, as long as it was released by Lego.
  14. We are actually discussing this exact thing now. I favor removing the mini-build sets if they only exist with the book. I think having them separately is redundant. Another train of thought is that because Lego numbered the bags with the mini build parts they should be separate. Mainly to support sellers from sites like BL & BO because those sites list them separately. We'd love to hear your thoughts. How would you like them inventoried. We want our site to be a easy to use as possible.
  15. So I just looked at the set and both the parts you said are already in black, so not sure what you’re seeing. Please SS if you are seeing Dark Blue
  16. To submit a CR go to the set that has the error. Scroll down until you see the change request button on the right (it’s right at the bottom) and give as detailed instructions as you can. Use rebrickable part numbers and colors otherwise things get confusing. And let us know how you know it’s wrong, for example this one would be “Source: I own this set and it’s in the instruction manual” i will sort this one out no problem, but you miss out on the points of you don’t do crs through the website, if that’s something you’re into. Hope that helps, jared
  17. Unless an admin has the set it is also hard for us to determine what parts are in these subsets. Sub-set additions are much better submitted through the Submit Set page by Users who have the 'Master' set.
  18. I think this is a really good idea. Although an issue would be that if you are searching through sets you would have to be conscience to filter out sub-sets, otherwise you'd have thousands of results. Is that something New/Casual users will do or will they just get fed up scrolling through tens of pages.
  19. It’s a slow way round but if you select a color all element ids are shown in the info box on the right. Eg a red 3002 shows this (ss is from phone but it’s the same on a desktop) With prints or unique parts this is no problem to find. However with common parts you could have to click on a lot of colors individually to find the ID you want.
  20. Leftovers discovered at the back of the warehouse? Honestly I have no idea.
  21. Hi. You can add individual parts to a parts list. Then use the build tab to find sets you can build with your parts list. It will tell you the % of parts you have for a set. To add parts to a list go to the part page and hit the use part button hope that helps, jared.
  22. No problem, it’s an easy change, I just don’t always notice myself so it’s good to have everyone on the same page. Thanks for changing the others
  23. That's great, any help with Duplo parts is a huge help to me. Please be careful to get the right category though. Duplo figures go in Non-Buildable figures, not Duplo. Thanks again, Jared
  24. It's because the separated masks don't appear in a set. I will separate the part 44855 in the sets it appears and the Part Errors should go away. Pictures of the parts you have would be most welcome 😁