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  1. What set is it? doesnt matter, found it and fixed.
  2. I can’t comment on the API, not my area. But I do know that the search function simply returns the parts that have the BL mapping on. If we haven’t put the BL number on the part it won’t find it when searching using the BL number. Every BL mapping (or LDraw, brickowl, brickset, etc...) entry is done by hand, no automation. This is one of the areas of the site that user help is critical to.
  3. My guess is if you own it they don’t appear on the build function. Defeats the point to show them because you know you can build it. The build function is to show you other things you can build with your collection.
  4. It’s more of a modification of the original set than a MOC but we do accept these. If it’s too similar though it might get rejected (MOC approval also isn’t my area)
  5. Firstly Bricklink list stickered parts which add thousands. Secondly A lot of parts on RB probably don’t have the correct Ldraw mapping which causes the discrepancies between databases. Also the difference will be from older parts and assemblies which LDraw probably don’t have or inventory differently to us.
  6. What’s the Bricklink or brickowl set/part numbers?
  7. Because we only inventory official LEGO products. Not products using LEGO, and endorsed by LEGO. It’s very different, and the sets themselves are very different to a LEGO product. If anyone already has a custom list set up for these sets here might be a good place to share them.
  8. jaredhinton

    Parts with stickers

    If you search on these forums you’ll find lots of conversation on stickered parts and some reasons as to why we don’t inventory them. It’s a reoccurring topic of discussion.
  9. jaredhinton

    Parts with stickers

    We don’t inventory stickered parts. You can add a note to a part saying if it’s stickered but that may be a pro feature, I can never remember.
  10. Go to the set your alt is from. Download the inventory (options on top left of inventory, below image). Go to your submission and upload the inventory from the file you downloaded. Bear in mind, you should only list the parts that are actually used in your MOC. If it uses them all then great, but any not used you’ll need to remove.
  11. Hi Josie, unfortunately Simon is on an extended leave of absence and isn’t replying to messages. thanks, Jared
  12. Unfortunately Simon is on extended leave. If anyone else can assist PeterV with this request that would be great.
  13. jaredhinton

    LDD do not run

    See this post https://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2698-ldd-internet-access-failed/#comment-28280
  14. I believe LDD is no longer supported by lego. I assume it no longer connects to the internet because of this.
  15. Pictures say a thousand words
  16. I recommend signing up to Bricklink or brickowl. You’ll get the most money that way. They may take time to sell it all though so if you’re want to just move it eBay is probably your best bet
  17. jaredhinton

    Gold color question

    The difference in these images are 15573 is the official LEGO Element ID image, and 3794a is the LDraw rendered image of the part because LEGO don’t provide a EID image for it.
  18. Fixed, thanks. It’s unusual to get part 92946 in modern sets so I have changed the part, but if 92946 get verified in this set a second inventory will be created.
  19. I haven’t sorted it yet. I’ll let you know when I do. Please submit the photo to 43337. You can submit in any color, doesn’t have to be on the list for that part.
  20. jaredhinton

    MOC Tags

    Speaking as a User, not an Admin (statements made here are my opinion not policy). I'd really appreciate it if more care could be taken when tagging MOCs. I use tags to find things I'd like to build but it gets very hard when designers go crazy and tag things with unique tags or spelling errors. If you tag your MOC and it's the only instance of that tag (the number next to it says 1) then one of three things: You may have spelt it wrong, spelling is not my strong suit so I'm pointing no fingers, but if it's a common term and you're the 1st then double check your spelling. You may have used a less common term for it, for example "The Simpsons" vs "Simpsons". Ignoring the argument about which is correct you should be aiming to get the same one the majority of users have used, otherwise your MOC won't appear when someone searches using the opposite one that you used. Having multiple terms for the same thing makes it harder to find them all and hurts your chances of being found. Your tag is probably useless. If it's something so obscure then a user will probably never look for it anyway making the tag moot. For general searches the system checks all info anyway so if that term appears in MOC name or description then a general search will find it, no need for a single use Tag. At this point, with something like 15k MOC's any useful tags have almost certainly already been used. If your tag isn't useful then I question why you use it. I just want to be able to find your awesome MOC's, please help me.
  21. Bricklinks the same. They don’t distinguish the difference. Well for now I’ll add it to a dummy set (to lose the color error) if you could please submit a picture of it as proof it exists that would be great, thanks.
  22. Do you know what set it came in? Variations like this are rarely made clear by Lego so we rely upon the community to find them. This will be an example of it being wrong in a set somewhere. Or sometimes parts are found in Lego stores which never appear in a set, could be an example of that. Either way with more info we can fix this color error.
  23. jaredhinton

    Gold color question

    To me A looks like pearl gold and B metallic gold. Could be brass which we don’t list. There’s questions to whether it exists, some claim it appears in a couple of sets. essentially it appears in some sets where they should be chrome gold and people say they’re different from pearl gold. But I’m not sure how verified this all is.