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    bhavedikian reacted to Lore Zyra in My Parts Editor - Easy Edit Quantities Of Color   
    Currently, there is no easy way to edit the parts you own. You can delete via the "delete part" feature (only found on the /myparts page). But that clears all colors. If you only wish to change the part counts for specific colors, it's a tedious, painful process.
    It would be ideal if I could see the list of quantities of a part for each color in the Parts Detail window but in an excel type of layout. This way, I can individually edit all the color counts for a single part. Then save the changes.
    The only alternative I have at the moment, is to forgo ReBrickable altogether and simply use excel...
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    bhavedikian reacted to ArkansasBricker in Allow using minifigure ID in parts lists   
    BrinkLink gives each minifigure an ID and identifies the individual parts that make up the minifigure. It would be helpful if Rebrickable allowed using ids in parts lists or, at the least, treat minifigures as a kind of set with their own parts. 
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    bhavedikian reacted to AxeSlash in Search within parts lists   
    It would be nice to be able to search for parts within parts lists/inventories etc. For example if I want to see how many of a certain part I have in stock, I have to filter it and then manually look through the parts, OR search for the part (and leave my parts list)
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    bhavedikian reacted to biodreamer in Search Filter in partlist   
    Please add a search field for my partlist that work together with any already applied filters. ie AND logic.

    Since I now have to page my partlist the demand of a search functionality is much, much higher.
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    bhavedikian reacted to TobyMac in Checklist for gathering parts before build   
    When I'm starting a build, I often first gather all the needed parts before building (due to the way I store my LEGO,I don't want to stand up for each part )
    I think it would be handy have a page with the partlist with part, color and needed quantity, and behind that a column whit a checkbox that you can mark when you have found that part, maybe with a textbox where you can fill in the number of parts you have found if you don't have them all yet. Ideal would be some kind of refresh-function that refreshes the part-list and leaves out all parts that you have already found. For commercial purpuses: add the link that makes a BrickLink/BrickOwl wanted list of all remaining parts?
    Hope I'm explaining it clearly enough like this