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  1. Thanks, I ultimately figured out that I was supposed to use inventories.csv to get set_num -> id.
  2. Seems like the inventory_parts.csv file from is incomplete. For example, there is nothing with inventory_id 23385: 23369,973pr3935c01,15,1,f 23369,98139,297,1,f 23388,25111,179,1,f 23388,25375,297,1,f while in inventory_sets.csv, there is: 23385,10706-1,1 23385,10707-1,1 23385,10708-1,1 23385,10709-1,1 However, the information is present in the database as shown by: curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key XXXXXXXX' ''