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    Which parts are these?

    The hand: , and I think this is the torso:
  2. What about a notification of all the changes relevant to the user in the last 24 hours, set to automatically send out at 00:00 or something (similar to what Slangivar suggested earlier)?
  3. I'm currently going over my Lego collection, and it's both an exciting and daunting task. I would just like to voice my opinion here: Notifications for changes in both owned sets and when a major change is done to parts owned (e.g. deleted or divided into a/b) is, in my eyes, a pretty important feature. I am manually adding all the sets and parts I own, and considering the time and work this takes, it would be pretty devastating if after a couple of weeks my entire part collection is inaccurate. It would feel like all this was for naught. However, I would also like to say that mail notifications might not be the best way to do this (?). You guys have made a nice new notification center at the rebrickable site, why not just keep it there and like that it would not feel so much as "spam". I don't know about you, but when I Lego, I Lego. But when I don't, mails about Lego will be ignored until it's time to Lego again, and at that time I would just go to the Rebrickable site anyway and check the notifications there. Thanks for reading my wall of text
  4. That was fixed quickly. Seems to be working nicely!
  5. Lant

    Identifying part

    Thank you! I'm guessing the length was ignored in favour of height.
  6. I am unable to find a set this does not happen on. It does not matter if it's in my set list or not. The set from the example above is from set 60024-22 if it helps (just a set I picked at random). Guess this is backend, but just in case: Firefox 60.0.1 (x64).
  7. Lant

    Identifying part

    Hi! I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this, but I would like some help identifying this part. It looks like a minecart, standard blue, 'Pat. pend.' printed on the bottom.
  8. When clicking "Combine My Parts into My Sets" on a set page, if I do not have the parts required: The sample set has 19 parts in inventory, but somehow the missing part calculation is adding eight parts to a total of 27, then says it will only remove negative eight. I only recently started using rebrickable so I do not fully understand this feature, but surely something is wrong here?