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  1. I'm afraid I no longer have the link sent to me. I just checked my LDD on my desktop. It is version 4.3.11 Brick Version 2670. I just checked and tried to follow the updating procedure. It won't work. I get the strange message UNKNOWN ERROR UPDATING IS ABORTED ("IONIC.ZIP.ZIPEXCEPTION: C:/TEMP/BRICKLINK/PATCHER\_WINZIP IS NOT A VALID ZIP FILE). So, I can't update to 1.0.1_10 and can't use at all. This was an issue for me when a model's instructions only were in and I wanted step-by-step building plans. I could never figure out how to see them in, so I'd export them out of and them import them into LDD. That worked several times. LDD is still working for me now--even though it never successfully connected to the internet. The problem now is I can't use it and can't update it. David
  2. Simon: You are a nice guy to upload LDD to your Google Drive for me. I got it and installed it and it works fine with no message about "failed internet access." Thanks SO much. I do hope the Tech Support at Lego can figure out the problem of downloading from their site. Apparently, this Cloudfront error is quite common and requires the Lego tech folks to make some changes in their settings with Cloudfront. But, now I have the latest version, thanks to you. When trying to figure out what the original problem was, I stared for awhile at the movement of Slithy Toves (see here; my comments are under Trueblood) and turned on the lights of "my" Model T (see here). Neither made me see the light. So, your help was the key. Thanks, again. David
  3. Thanks, Simon. I should have thought of upgrading to the new version, 4.3.11. Sadly, trying to do this produced a new problem which I've submitted to Lego Technical Support. I'm unable to download the new version on Firefox, IE or Edge. I get an error page. I called Lego and their tech guy was mystified by my being blocked with this screen. We'll see if they can come up with a solution. Wish me luck. David (Tucson, AZ)
  4. Forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered. Whenever I open Lego Digital Designer, I get the following error message. What does this mean? Am I supposed to have internet access from within LDD? My internet is fine but I still get this message every time I open LDD. I guess I have two questions. How do I fix this? And, if fixed, what value is there in having such access while in LDD? Or, is it perhaps for updates or something? Sorry for my ignorance here. David