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  1. OK this is a long shot at creating a place for Technic lover to share discuss, buy, sell and or trade. It's a long shot but I've struggled to find anywhere on the Internet where we can talk technic.. Many forums are dead, unused or just pants. I want a place where its free, easy accessible and just lego technic related.. No one wants to pay for ideas or Instructions, I'm assuming most of us want to chat about ideas, gearboxes, pneumatics or how we did this and that to create a master piece. Anyhoo, you get the idea.. Join the page if you want or don't if you feel it's un needed, either way I'm giving it a shot Here's the link :
  2. Erm... I don't mean to. Sound like a. Pessimist but is this forum dead.. Or have I posted in the wrong place?
  3. That's awesome.. Do you have the a parts list? You should make that a double. Drive unit
  4. Hello guys and girls.. I thought I'd create an account and see what the score is :) I've been off work with a Slipped disc so decided Lego technics was the answer to keep me entertained. Anyhoo... I spent the last week building a Lowloader trailer based on Nooteboom motorised detachable bed. I've also modified the technic arocs B model and added double drive axles and better hitch, storage box and a motorised (hydraulic) lift. It's all Roughly to scale. I own the volvo excavator, Mercedes arocs and the claas tractor. All of with were dismantled and parts used for this Lowloader apart from 4 extra wheels for the tractor unit. Let me know what you think and wether or not It's worth creating instructions and submitting a MOC.. Here is a YouTube video... I know it's a pretty pants video when editing is concerned. It was late and all I had was my phone for pics, vid and editing.. I can make better vids and pics if needed P.s If it it worth creating a mod I could do with some direction on how to create instructions. Muchos thanks James :)