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  1. Ok, thank you so much for that, very informative and interesting to know about! I'm not surprised everything got so complicated! Also, i tried doing a search before writing the post about it but i guess the question was posted further back than i looked or something, but thanks for the info! ?
  2. Hi I am gradually inputting all my loose Lego bricks and I'm left very confused now I'm on the green parts. I have been using my built sets as a colour guide, the one I'm currently using is 'Mighty Dinosaurs'. I'm left so confused when using both Rebrickable and Brickset because the same part has the colour listed on here as Green but on Brickset as Dark Green. And then the actual the parts that actually do look like Dark Green to me, and are listed as such on here, the same part is listed as Earth Green on Brickset. No wonder i was getting part/colour errors! But why is it this way, I'd of course prefer to go by the Lego official colour scheme but why are they different on Brickset and Rebrickable? Maybe someone can understand what I'm trying to explain and clear this up for me? Thanks!