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  1. Lunex

    Which parts are these?

    @Lant1 Yes!, these are the parts! Thank you!
  2. Lunex

    Which parts are these?

    I found every part in this pictures, besides 2. The torso of the policemen. You'd guess it can't be hard to find a torso. But I cannot find this torso anywhere. How can this be? And the second one is the single one hand. Is this just from a broken minifigure? Thanks in advance!
  3. Lunex

    Which parts are these?

    Hay guys, I am digitalizing my collection. But I can't find which parts are these: Thanks for any help
  4. Lunex

    Why is 10717 not listed?

    Hay @TobyMac I found out that the set is quite new. Maybe that's the issue. I did not buy it yet, but on the side of the box is a picture which says which part is how often in there. I could provide you with a picture of it tomorrow. Till then you can see an inventory list at: On this link they also state that there are 1488 parts inside. I guess Lego rounded up the number.
  5. Lunex

    Why is 10717 not listed?

    Hay guys, I'm new to the lego game. But I fell in love pretty fast. I saw this set: 10717 (Bricks Bricks Bricks), which I can't find on rebrickable. Why is that? It has a lot of parts, so I though putting this into my set database will help me to complete some mocs. And this set has a nice money per part value. I love to build stuff, that's why I was like "a lot of parts to build new stuff, nice!". Looking forward to get any help and sorry if I am noobie. Like I said, I'm new here :)