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  1. When checking the My parts tab in the Part summary window, it's not easy to spot how many parts of a given color someone has. For example, here's a window with a dark brown plate, but it's not easy to see how many dark brown plates I have, as there are other similar colors in the table (reddish brown, black), which on some monitor screens are barely distinguishable. Perhaps the column with the selected color could be highlighted (different background color or different font color) to make it easier?
  2. The links to BrickLink catalog item pages could also include the color number, which would make them even more useful:
  3. When browsing a set list: it would be very useful to be able to see which sets are marked as Assembled. I know there's a separate list of Assembled sets available, but it would be nice to have this information when browsing other set lists.
  4. I understand that you ran into issues for Sets and Gear, but for Parts it should work fine. I ended up solving this issue on my side by writing a browser extension that replaces the link targets on the fly: document.addEventListener("mouseup", function (event) { if ('href' in { if ("")) { = .replace("", "") .replace("#T=A", "#T=S"); } } }, true); It saves me a lot of time, as the search results for some part numbers can contain lots of other items. This way I go directly to the Catalog Item page on BrickLink. I will let you know if I encounter any problems.
  5. When I build (using the "Build this set" button) a set that is already marked as Assembled, Rebrickable excludes parts from this set from my collection. This would be useful if I wanted to build a second copy of the same set. But I often mark as assembled the sets that I am parting out, even though I don't have all the pieces yet. This way I can "reserve" the parts. It would be nice to be able to temporarily exclude the set from the "Assembled" list in the build options, so I can see what elements I am missing. Right now I go through a manual process: 1) I delete the the set I want to build from the "Assembled" list. 2) I go to the Build this Set page to see the pieces I am missing. 3) Now I have to remember to mark the set as "Assembled" again.
  6. BrickLink (like Rebrickable) uses https:// on its pages. So the links should start with https://, for example in: This way an unnecessary redirect will be avoided, which will speed things up a bit for users with slow connections.
  7. The links to Brick in Part Summary lead to search results: Some of those pages are pretty long though and it's necessary to look for the right link to click. Why not link directly to catalog item pages? It would be even better to inlcude the right colour in the links.
  8. Right now I export the list of MOC parts to a Wanted List in BrickLink (or just part out a Lego set there). Then I keep deleting the items I found in my collection from the wanted list, or just input the number of pieces I found in the "Have" field. This way the list keeps getting shorter, which is especially useful for large sets. It's also possible to sort it using different criteria. Of course it would be great to have such a feature in Rebrickable!
  9. Custom lists that contain both MOCs and sets look like this: There are many empty spots as the MOC tiles are a bit higher. Perhaps you could detect that a list contains a mix of items and apply the same height to the tiles? Another idea would be to add a separate "MOCs" tab.
  10. This feature would also allow to exclude the Color Switch lists from the "My Custom Lists" list in the "Add set to list" window. It simply doesn't make sense to add sets to the Color Switch lists, and they just clutter the drop down list.
  11. +1 I was recently looking for the same parts for some MOCs I found on Rebrickable and ended up buying the "Nitro Buggy".
  12. It would be nice if "Color Switch" custom lists, available to Pro users, had their own custom list type. This way "Other" would be reserved for "other" lists, and they would not be mixed with the automatically generated color switch lists. The "Other" list type is useful, as not every list created manually fits into the "To build", "To buy", "Wishlist" custom list types.
  13. Right now it's possible to exclude a set list from build calculations, but it would be great to have a second option to exclude the list from all statistics. It would be almost like the list didn't exist. This way it would be possible to create list of sets that someone doesn't own, but would like to build or purchase. The checkbox could be displayed in the "Edit List Details" section: [X] Include these Sets in Statistics It would be checked by default for all lists, just like the " Use these Sets in Build calculations" checkbox.