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  1. Przemos19

    Help with pieces please

    Also you can post all pictures of your lego and we can suggest some sets.
  2. Przemos19

    Help with pieces please

    Best option to remove many lego from this mess is to find stickered or printed parts. Check printed with rebrickable and stickered with bricklink - that way you might find many sets, it's just like sudoku (make assumptions!). Similar method is look for other specific parts which were in only a few sets. The problem is - you must have experience to find them easily
  3. Przemos19

    Similar picture vs missing image

    I don't know if this is a bug but every entry with similar part image (mostly heads) is not listed as missing image utility. Is it intentional?
  4. Przemos19

    How did it start?

    Unfortunately in Poland there were virtually no LEGO except in PEWEX shops (you had to buy with US dollars, while average pay was around 20$ on black market course - US dollars were available only on black market). That's why most of today AFOL's had to start their collection of lego for themselves at around 1990 when iron curtain fell and LEGO was in normal distrubution.
  5. Przemos19

    Premium MOC name restrictions

    Actually Star Destroyer is not trademarked This is the same problem like with Citadel Miniatures "Space Marines" and "Imperial Guard" - they changed names in order to trademark these new names because it wasn't possible to trademark as vague and general names like "Imperial Guard" and "Space Marines".
  6. Przemos19

    Newer Versions for Power Motors and compatiblity? (8700/8720)

    Voltage is also an issue - you will burn 4,5V motor with 9V power pack.
  7. Przemos19

    3847 and 3847a

    OK We are waiting then.
  8. Przemos19

    3847 and 3847a

    It's safe to assume all sets from before 1993 have 3847a but later sets also can have 3847a, for example: As for 1993 sets (Dragon Masters) I've encountered them with 3847 and 3847a - that's why in my opinion we should'nt mess with 1993 and later sets without 100% proof (for example inbox of MISB).
  9. Przemos19

    3847 and 3847a

    Set list with dark grey 3847 is flawed. This part was introduced around 1993 according to peeron and my own research: and should be changed in every set up to 1992 including. New sword 3847 is an absurd in sets from 80's, unless it was US-only occurence (like non-shooting pirate guns). For example set definitely has older ABS sword. It's also evident when looking at boxart (picture should be magnified):
  10. Przemos19

    Virtual Lego

    Hello Is there an application which lets you build old lego sets in 3D? I've seen some 3d generated pictures on Rebrickable, ex.
  11. Przemos19

    2555 with rounded clips

    I found a part which looks like 3rd from the left but has mould number 2555. It proves this shape (with lenghtwise depression) was manufactured with both 2555 and 12825 mould number.
  12. Przemos19

    Parts with stickers

    Is it possible to implement system know from bricklink: "counterparts" with stickers applied on?
  13. Przemos19

    Different mound variations

    Vokhev - don't do this with 4085 because long forgotten 4085b appeared in 2000s in light bluish grey.
  14. Przemos19

    2555 with rounded clips Accordin to this 3rd entry from left should be 12825 however this part has number 2555. Is this intentional? What's the official policy on 2555 and 12825?
  15. Przemos19

    Strange behaviour with Chrome

    I has just returned to normal. I don't know what happened but it's OK for now.