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  1. Thank you again, Simon! That's a shame that you have to jump through so many hoops now to get the right part.
  2. Thank you for your responses, biodreamer and Simon! Does this mean that most of the newer renderings directly from LEGO (Element) aren't created from an available 3D parts library? I did see that most parts do have an LDraw library reference link, but many of them don't seem to match-up to the right part in LDraw's parts tracker. For example:
  3. Hello! I'm rather new here, so...hello! I've just come from your main site, and I am boggled by the level of organization and parts you have on file! I noticed that most of the renders accompanying parts are digtally done. Were these taken from pre-existing shots, or were these from private 3D collections. I'd be very interested in knowing, for I'm always forced to compromise when creating models with my software, since my own library has many, many holes in it. Thank you!