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  1. So to followup using the method you mentioned above worked well. It dumped all the 'extra' pieces into the list as well but thats fine - I had already added them previous but because they had no location they were easy to delete. In the future Ill let the set import them instead of hand keying them in. Thanks for your help - still not sure what I was doing wrong but have no problem doing it a different way to get better results
  2. Hey Simon, thanks for the help! I have not added any missing parts so I don't think that is it. I have to head to work shortly here but will try what you mentioned above tonight - I have removed all my sets for the time being so I have a clean slate to start with. If I find the same issues I think I will make a quick video showing what I'm doing so things are a little clearer. I assume its user(me) error :).
  3. Thanks again, I appreciate your help trying to get to the bottom of this but I think we are on two different pages. When I state I have a set and enter it into my collection I would expect that I would have 100% of the pieces to build it. Instead - every time I enter a set it says I only have 98% of the pieces. This doesn't make sense. Why does it not allocate all the pieces in the set and furthermore which pieces is it not adding to my collection. When I mark the set as built I am left a negative number. At no time should the system allow a negative number. If I have none of the pieces I should have 0%. It is not possible to have less than none of the pieces. Perhaps I am using the system wrong but I do not see how. It is set up intuitively - just does not work as expected.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I have added my sets the first way you mention and have experienced the issue I was looking for advice on. To clarify: I have added my sets by searching up the set and clicking the add button. Once adding the set I go to mark it as built at which point it states I do not have all the pieces. I still mark it as built and when I view the set it states I have negative pieces to build it. My question is why it does not add all the pieces when I say I own the set?
  5. Hello, My wife and I have started cataloging our lego into the site and am really enjoying everything! I have a question I was hoping to ask - I apologize if they are answered elsewhere - I did search the best I could. We have a few sets we are keeping built which I have added to collection . After adding them to the collection I attempt to mark them as built however they always only have 98.3% of the pieces for the build. The site warns we my inventory is out. AM I doing something wrong here? After marking the site as built it states I have -#% of the pieces needed to build. Have I added this incorrectly? and if so does this mean I have thrown off my inventory by marking them built at the 98.3%? Thanks in advance!