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  1. Hi Simon, I did figure I would have to key it in the notes, much like bricklink. Rebrickable is painless in that it’s quick to add and collate the parts. I guess i’ll use the free version for the time being. ?
  2. ? Ok, that solves my issue. Going Pro is the answer. Thank you very much Simon!
  3. Hi there Simon, Thank you! I understand the method that you are suggesting, but does it allow you to trace back which parts were from which set? Let’s say my collection of a certain part came from 2 sets, would I be able to see that I own those two sets tied to them? Thanks again!
  4. Hi there! I am new to rebrickable, and I'm more familiar with Bricklink. I tried looking around, but I am unsure of how to modify the number of parts I have from a set before adding it to the set list. I am used to buying incomplete sets or selling off minifigures and parts, so is there a function where I can keep track of parts based on their individual sets? I do know that bricklink has the "Add inventory by set" function, so I can easily modify the parts from a set before it gets added, but I would like to use Rebrickable because of its interface Thanks in advance!