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  1. 15397 (plate special 3 x 3 cross) is currently in "plates special" but 2420 (2 x 2 corner) which is arguable the most similar part is in plates. These two should probably be in plates special: (has clips)
  2. Thanks! Not sure why I didn't see that before. However I have 4 parts lists, I can only see how to display parts from my first parts list + all my sets (which is still useful).
  3. Say I wanted to find all my parts in Dark Purple. Is there a way to do this? I'd like all parts whether they are in a set or parts list. I initially thought that using a combination of "Available in color:" and "Show My Parts Only" would do this but it didn't (and re-reading it I shouldn't have expected it to). I wanted to do this yesterday when adding new parts and not being 100% sure of what colour they were - I knew we had parts in that colour already and having a list of what dark purple parts we had would have allowed me to quickly verify that the new parts were indeed dark purple. It also might be useful when building to be able to quickly check how much of an unusual colour we have - our pieces are sorted by part rather than colour.
  4. What I would do (which may well not be the best way): 1. Find some of the biggest Classic Space sets 2. Create a parts list on Rebrickable with the parts you are missing (so rebrickable thinks you have them) 3. Search Rebrickable for classic space sets that you can build and click through until you find ones where you don't have 100% of the parts. Add those parts to your list. 4. Repeat step 3 until there are no more classic space sets 5. Buy the parts of your parts list 6. (Optionally delete your parts list and import the orders from Bricklink - that'll be easier if they contain anything that isn't for your lego space project)
  5. I'm mostly building lego with my kids & learning a bit about building myself to help them and occasionally buying myself a set I like. Having that number of bricks isn't going to happen any time soon, we have just under 5000 pieces (though we will have a few more sets soon). And I'm sure however many parts we have there will always be things we're missing.
  6. Cheers - would that be the software on this website? The website isn't particularly informative!
  7. Is there a trick for seeing if I can build set or MOC in a different colour scheme? Say there is a model of a blue car, I know I don't have all the parts in blue, but suspect I have most of them in red. I don't want to ignore colours, but want to replace all the blue with red. Is there a quick way to do this?
  8. Thanks. Is a google docs / Flickr type "generate a link to share my private sets" type thing a possibility? Hopefully that makes sense! I've not idea how hard something like that is to implement.
  9. As far as I can see I can see the privacy options for my profile are currently: Private - no one other than me can see my profile and list of sets. Public - anyone can see my profile and list of sets* It would be good to be able to share my profile by sending someone a link as I might not want anyone who want to look to know what Lego I have, but it'd be useful to be able to send my Bricklink sets page to people. * As an aside - if I set my profile to public and view it from Chrome (Version 38.0.2125.111 m) without being logged in then the MOCs page just says "User MOCs" and my sets page says "User Sets Manage your sets here"
  10. I've submitted MOC (my first) with is an alt build of 31019-1 - Forest Animals which I think is eligible (though rather last minute I'm afraid, it is still April in the UK). I used spare parts, one of which isn't in the rebrickable parts list.
  11. This set should have the following in the spare parts: 1 extra Cheese Slope in reddish brown 1 extra tile with eye print (Possible some others too, but I noticed the cheese slope from submitting an alt build and the spare eye is memorable. I'll try to check the usual suspects and let you know if there are any more)
  12. I've submitted the alternative Jeep from Bricks & More Safari: Is it useful to post them here once I've added them or were you just doing that for the ideas books where more than one person was working on the same thing? I doubt anyone else is doing these, though if anyone wants to then feel free. I'm unlikely to make much progress as I try not to spend too much of my free time using computers.
  13. Ops, that's embarrassing! I'll do some more when I have time and try to be more competent next time.
  14. They show up in the related sets section don't they? E.g.