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  1. The resolution on my MOC's photo is low even though i have a photo that is larger than 1000px and the width is larger than the height. The dimensions are 2048x1536 (4:3).
  2. I can't figure out why my bricksafe URL is not working when I try to upload the images to my description.
  3. OMG, wow the creator is here, bow down i love this website and in about a week I’m getting designer to promote my new MOC releasing sometime next week! Its an honor!
  4. Do I just sign up and click upload? Could you walk me through the steps?
  5. Could you simply just insert the file from your pc files into the correct section?
  6. So I am new to the program and am interested in becoming a seller/poster of my creations and sets, but my question is can I use models I have made in the program created by Bricklink,, and insert them into the instructions section as files for instructions?