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  1. I saw that there is a function called "Combine My Parts into My Sets" which is pretty much what I am looking for. Now, the question is if this function will be available for private MOCs, i.e. custom lists, as well. A very small improvement suggestion would be to make this function reversible so that it is possible as well to move the parts from a custom list to a part list.
  2. That sounds great, thanks for the quick reply! ?
  3. Hello everybody! I am looking for a feature I haven't found yet, maybe it doesn't exist, maybe I just overlooked it. My aim is to catalogue all my loose LEGO parts in one single part list. For creating MOCs I want to use custom lists including the needed parts. So far, so good. Now I want my lists to do virtually what I would do in real life: Separate the parts I already have right from my collection so that I cannot use them for other builds anymore. I'm afraid that this is currently not possible but hope dies last. Thank you in anticipation and greetings, 8fifty