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  1. Hey guys, I am essentially new to lego, just recently got a few sets for my son and he loves it. I found this site and can see all the potential for different things he can build. I found how to "build" mocs from the set lists I have loaded, but I need to expand our collection and I was interested in finding the sets that had the most potential or compatibility with the most mocs. Is there a way to find out what combination of sets would give the highest number of mocs/designs that you could build with it? Ideally, this would also factor in cost. So basically, what is the most efficient combination of sets to get that results in the highest diversity of build potential for the least amount of money? It almost seems like something that this site could do by cross referencing all the parts and mocs and sets. Has this been done already? Is there a list of recommended sets to get that gives the most build potential for different budgets? Thanks for any feedback