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  1. I am attempting to add a Lego set that my daughter owns to the Rebrickable catalog but it has no official Lego set number. In 2013 Pottery Barn Kids held a Lego building event where kids could build a mini Lego Fire Station (see the attached picture of the set). I have never been able to find this set, which I would expect to be classified like other Promo sets from Toys-r-us or others here at Rebrickable or anywhere else (Bricklink, Brickset, Peeron etc). The instruction sheet, see attached, contains no official Lego set number but does carry the copyright of Lego Group at the bottom and asks attendees to rate the event at Legoclub.com/pbkcity (the link goes to the Lego Club but does not reference the event) which confirms for me that it is . I'd like to add the set to the catalog but the hard requirement for a set number is preventing me from adding it. Ultimately, I guess I'm trying to find out if anyone other than me cares if this set gets added to the catalog and if so, how I might go about contacting an administrator to help me get around the set number requirement. Thanks in advance. CLUB_Fire_Station.pdf