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  1. That's weird, it works for me Nathan is currently away, he will take a look when he's back. Apologies!
  2. Too Confusing

    Actually, when you create a topic, the forum software automatically notifies you of new replies
  3. Did you navigate into the new folder as opposed to dropping the images on the thumbnail of the folder?
  4. Not a fan of inserting fake sets into the inventory to solve this issue, sorry. Can't you simply ignore the overlays?
  5. Seems like there is an issue with creating new pages, they don't show up in the dropdown menu on the upload page. I guess the cache isn't being expired correctly. I'll let Nathan know, thanks. In the meantime, you can simply navigate into the newly created folder, and then drag and drop pictures on it to upload directly to that folder.
  6. Too Confusing

    Peeron is pretty much dead, a shame.
  7. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Split bb22 into rb00193a and rb00193b. I guess that's what you meant Lucky-Ramses? Those are temporary part numbers by the way, if you happen to come across a genuine number, let me know and I'll rename it.
  8. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Dang, where do you guys keep finding those rare old parts I've renamed the 6216m1 and 6216m2 to 6216a and 6216b, respectively.
  9. Cannot Change Moc Image On Moc-2765

    The images are now hosted on a different server, looks like this somehow broke the image cache update functionality. I'll let Nathan know, thanks.
  10. I've let Nathan know, thanks.
  11. Invalid Security To Change Moc Information

    I'll let Nathan know, thanks.
  12. [Solved] Error Massage After Adding Every Part

    New web server architecture is being tested, so you might get some errors now and then. Memcache errors like that one can safely be ignored.