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  1. I own 2 sets of the crawler 9398, both are assembled, but I can mark only one set as "assembled" Any solution?
  2. Dear Rebrickable team, as I am colorblind I cannot distinguish the colors of the frames that indicate sufficent or unsufficent parts. Any possibilities to mark it more clearly, e.g. with a tick? Best regards from Madrid Ulf
  3. Same with MOC 11907 Missing parts: 5 Total listed: 3 parts Whre does the difference come from?
  4. Thanks for quick reply The MOC is 14259 I already had this miscalculation with another MOC. It is really annoying because I cannot rely on the calculation, for sure some parts are missing in the bricklink order.
  5. Hello, calculating the missing parts for a MOC the indicated total number of missing parts is bigger than the sum of parts listed. What is the reason?