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  1. Thank you for your reply. It totally makes sense to do it the way you suggest
  2. Hi All my Lego is sorted into different parts. In order to be able to find out how many loose parts we own I have firstly listed all my complete sets. I have now started counting my parts and by deducting the amount I should have in my sets (according to rebrickable) I can add the remaining into my inventory as loose parts. It’s very straight forward until I come to parts that have differed mound variations. For example. Part 32064 Technic brick 1x2 with axle hole. According to rebrickable the sets I own should comprise of 120 ‘old style’ with x opening in various colours from various sets. In reality majority of this part I own are ‘new style’ with + opening. How do I create a true inventory? Am I correct in thinking I will have to add the amount of ‘old style’ technic bricks I am missing to my ‘lost part’ list and add the remaining ‘new style’ technic brick to my ‘loose parts’ list