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  1. FROM Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth TO Minifig Accessories: [part]50231[/part] [part]50231px1[/part] [part]50231pr003[/part] [part]19888[/part] For some reason the part linking is not working.
  2. I would very welcome this feature.
  3. Hi I am receiving new MOC notifications which I should not get. My was set exact color matching and 90% match percent and here and there I get emails which seems promising and was suggesting I have 100% of the parts (in the email) when I view the MOC the site reports I have many parts missing. The last one I got today You have 22.9% of the buildable parts in this MOC 495 out of 2160 , ignoring 8. There is 100% in the email.