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    Drill Down for Errors/Rare Colors

    It would be useful to have a part Drill Down for Part Errors, Color Errors and Rare Color flags (along with any other flags implemented) to quickly determine parts which might be mistakes in large inventories.
  2. Retrieverfalcon

    Known variations from box part count

    I understand the concerns with stickers and see both sides. Those same issues seem to reside around the brick separators. They aren't really needed to build the set but often are in the official inventory and I'm in favor of those being as accurate as possible. For the record, if the decision is that they should be in main inventory, 60188 needs to be corrected (amongst many others no doubt). More so, I am just hoping these know issues could be flagged somehow rather than having to hunt through the inventory before I see a specific part then go, "Ahh, I see now".
  3. Retrieverfalcon


    I really like this solution. This keeps inventories closer to that from LEGO and doesn't unnecessarily increase the part count from what's on the box. Rather, if you apply sticker A to 1 of 4 part 123, your inventory reflects 1 part 123 with sticker A and 3 unstickered part 123 - a total of 4 part 123, same as before. However, I would suggest that this should be a Pro feature (at least at first) - it basically means an overlay of information on any set's inventory that is processed on a per user, per set basis. That is a lot of potential variation and data to store. It is also an advanced function however and keeps most of the work load on the enduser. I wouldn't over complicate the set inventory pages however. Just have two entries for a given part - one plain and one with a "Stickered" logo similar to "Rare Color". This allows for a given part to have multiple stickers applied (this will be a tricky edge case to be resolved), for a single sticker to be applied to multiple parts and even for stickers to be applied to incorrect parts (a more advanced "error" system could flag these latter like color errors are tracked now). This also keeps the thumbnails the same size which is easier to visually track. It does mean you won't see the specific sticker on the main inventory display but a click through, similar to how "Lost Parts" shows details, can track this for those who are really interested. And since the sticker sheet itself is a part ("super-part") in the inventory, a thumbnail version of all stickers is visible on the main inventory at all times anyway. Even if every sticker is applied, the blank sticker sheet remains so the inventory part count is correct (though I personally tend to throw out blank sticker sheets - this is addressed as a "lost part" if I was being ultra-precise under this system). As for Build, a simple toggle of "include sticker parts" similar to "include printed parts" would be sufficient. It would be an all or nothing between different stickers but in some builds, using a stickered version of a part may be fine - perhaps it's is internal structure and the sticker won't be seen anyway. Making this a toggle lets users decide if they want that variation - same as color similarity or printed parts now. The biggest problem I still see unsolved is handling the same part/sticker/set combo when you own more than one of a given set. For example, Set 456 is on a 'Assembled Sets' list which could use the sticker flags and a second copy of Set 456 is on a 'MISB Sets' list which wouldn't have stickers applied. I'd want some way to reflect different status for these two versions of the same set.
  4. Retrieverfalcon

    Known variations from box part count

    When adding sets, I often compare the existing inventory to the part count identified on the set's box as a first check. It would be great to somehow flag known variations - for example, many sets include their sticker sheet or the brick separator in the box count but these are in Rebrickable inventories as spares (so not included in the Parts count for the set). These type changes often cause a minor part count discrepancy that I spend wasted time tracking down. A good example is [set]60188[/set] - on the box, this set includes 883 parts; on Rebrickable, this set has 881 parts. The 2 part discrepancy is a sticker sheet (currently missing) and the brick separator (classed as a spare part). Other times, the count goes the other direction due to certain '"combo" parts. Examples include [part]24308[/part] (often counted as 1 part for the box but 8 parts on Rebrickable) or [part]11402[/part] (often counted as 1 part for the box but 9 parts on Rebrickable). This leads to cases like [set]75889[/set] which has a box part count of 841 but a Rebrickable count of 856. It would be great if these variations were somehow flagged - either automatically or by some manual note to the part count to make reduce time to confirm an inventory is complete.
  5. Retrieverfalcon

    Part List Locations Not Filtering Properly

    I have seen two problems with the filtering based on Notes - Location in Part Lists. 1. If you include the characters & or + (possibly others but definitely seen with these) in the Location value (for example: First & Second) of a part, it will save fine. However, if you select this Location in the Notes - Location filter on the left of the Part Lists, no parts will be displayed. Change the location to not include these characters and the filter works as expected. I suspect there are some characters not escaped in this filter. 2. All other "Drill Downs" (Color, Category, Notes - Condition, Notes - Stickered), have a "Full" / " Filtered" option which permit you to select multiple options or toggle from a single selection back to the broader list. This option is not included with Notes - Location. This may be more a feature request than a bug but similar functionality to the other drill downs would be terrific.
  6. While submitting part photos is easy and submitting a set photo for a new set is likewise easy, I can't find anywhere to submit updated photos for an existing set. Set [set]10024-1[/set] has a photo on a collapsed box. Suggest replacing with the Brickset/LEGO photo at
  7. Retrieverfalcon

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    In this case, since it is a key chain, there really isn't a part to submit. This all started because the set flagged on a Brickset import that I was conducting. Despite generally being adverse to using "garbage" data, I will follow @TobyMac's suggestion and submit a one piece, invalid inventory and include a comment to remove it.
  8. Retrieverfalcon

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    I tried to file a new set submission for 2853662-1. This is LEGO Minifigure Key Light from 2011 (would be categorized under Gear / Keychains) but since it technically has no inventory, I can't get past step 3 of the submit process. Can someone with more rights than I have add this set to the system? Thanks!
  9. Retrieverfalcon

    15503 Beehive Hair in Black

    Part 15503 is currently in the database as Medium Dark Flesh and a print variant with a spiderweb printed on the side is available in black as 15503pr0001. These both came from different CMF sets. I recently got a version in black without the spiderweb print from my local stores Build-A-Minifig area. It appears it is likely the same piece without bothering with the printing. How should this part get added to the database since it has likely never appeared in any actual set but is definitely legit LEGO?
  10. Retrieverfalcon

    Head Print with change of stud type

    I recently found a head that is clearly the print from [part]3626bpr0771[/part] but the stud type is hollow stud meaning this version is a variant of 3626c. I'm thinking this might be a later mold release. Should I put in a new part info for this? Does it exist already and I just missed it in the database? Would there be any sort of naming consistency between a "blocked open stud" (3636b) and "hollow stud' (3626c) head with the same decoration? Since it's from a bulk order of pieces, I can't really tell much about its source.
  11. Retrieverfalcon

    Stickers and Part Lists

    I have been adding some recently purchased loose brick into a Parts List. I have discovered that some of the brick have stickers already attached. Since I know that Rebrickable doesn't include counterpart entries, I have these pieces added as the unstickered version and then ticked the "Is there a sticker on the part" checkbox and noted in the General Notes information about the sticker. This works fine unless I have two or more of the same element - some stickered and some not. Using the Part Notes to capture this info, forces the entire quantity of that part to be reflected as "Stickered" in the Drill Downs. Is there some way to include this sticker information (ideally with the associated set / exact sticker) on a per-piece basis? Or am I best just splitting the stickered pieces out to a separate Parts List to avoid this issue?