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  1. Hello everyone I would like to learn if is there any way to upload parts to part list from old bricklink orders, because after 6 months bricklink orders are purged and I can not download xml file. But I keep all my orders in my mail box, the invoice format is like bellow, [New] Dark Bluish Gray Wedge 6 x 4 Inverted Curved (x1) .....[New] Dark Bluish Gray Wedge, Plate 3 x 3 Cut Corner (x4) ..... [New] Dark Bluish Gray Wedge, Plate 4 x 4 Cut Corner (x7) ..... [New] Dark Brown Hips and Legs with Black Vest and Coattails Pattern (The Lone Ranger) (x1) ..... [New] Dark Brown Legs Short (x1) ..... [New] Dark Brown Plate 1 x 12 (x1) .....[New] Dark Red Plate 1 x 12 (x2) ..... I want to learn if there is a way to upload them in bulk way because in total I have 18k pieces I cannot upload them to part list one by one. Thanks a lot.