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  1. Hello, this issue is of the least possible importance, though it might be easy to fix so I post it here. Crowd pleaser badge for having 500 likes on a specific MOC seems to be awarded if the sum of likes on all of the user mocs exceeds 500. I don't think that's intended, is it? I just earned it and I have one moc with 461 likes and another one with 39.
  2. @Simon Hello, I understand where you're coming from, but as @legolijntje pointed out, there is no (according to mine and his research) existing trademark on that term. LEGO is putting the trademarks wherever possible, likely because they really want to avoid a misstep in that. Hence, I thin, a lot of their TM marks are unnecessary, but present. I completely understand the approach of being safe rather than sorry, but I would like you to re-visit this issue and maybe look more into what actually is or isn't required. I would not mind a mandatory inclusion of the TM symbol within the names that are potentially sensitive, but rejecting the terms on the whole seems excessive. All it will cause is people having to cripple the words, and we will end up with multitude of 'StarDestroyers', 'Star Destoyers' e.t.c... Seems unfortunate to me
  3. Hello, I just wanted to submit my first premium MOC of my Venator-Class Star Destroyer, only to find out that it can not have 'star destroyer' in its name. Yet if I browse through existing premium mocs, there are dozens with such name. Not sure if this restriction is some new cause, but it feels quite discriminating towards new MOCs, given how strong keyword 'star destroyer' is. I would like to get some clarification/explanation on this. Thanks