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  1. Hello i tried to upgrade my account and used my debit card to pay but it would not work am i going to have to use paypal ?
  2. i know but I would like to restore them. I try to rescue as many parts like this as I can as one day there wont be many around
  3. hello i'm trying to find replacement springs for two 4701c01 old style pneumatic pumps i've recently received in a new joblot of parts. I have looked on Ebay and tried good old google but cant find any. I'm hoping one of you guys knows where i can get some. thanks
  4. I don't have the box or set but i can take some pictures for you guys as I have a few of the elements
  5. Just had a look around and it's from set 226 that is on Re-brickable but the one you have has theatre instead of cinema . You have the alternative item listed here is a description from 3009px8 Brick 1 x 6 with Black 'CINEMA' Slanted Thick Pattern (Alternative Part to crssprt02pb44a Brick 1 x 6 without Bottom Tubes with Cross Side Supports with Blue 'Theater' Script Pattern) Also I cant submit the set as i am not level 6 but i think there is enough info here for you.
  6. Hello I cant find this part on Re-brickable so am unable to add it to my spares inventory any help would be good. Thanks.