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  1. Yeah, cool ! I just understand how it's working ! Thanks a lot !
  2. Hi ! I'm right in the middle of register all my lego parts (sooooo long !) and I have a problem with a part. Its the small lever. Bricklink registered some lever and to correct more options colors, put a code for the base only and the lever only. I have gray base and yellow base and none of them can be found on rebrickable. So, if anybody can enter these missing parts, I will be glad ! Lever base (Bricklink number : 4592. Exist in 9 different colors) : Lever small (Bricklink number : 4593. Exist in 8 different colors) : Parts in Rebrickable are coded with the numbers : 298c01 to 05 and are already assembled. Thank you very much ! Note : i'm a french speaker, so the words used are simple. So if it feels ackward, sorry in advance !