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  1. Wow, you guys sure know how to make a new member feel like they joined the right community. I was expecting a couple of responses from other users about how they live with issues like this...or maybe, at best, an explanation of what I was doing wrong... For anyone keeping score, this comment thread has likely made me a rebrickable evangelist for life!
  2. Hi All! I just signed up a few minutes ago. Haven't had a chance to input all of my sets and parts yet, but I figured I would take the site for a test drive with some basics. I added the Classic 10704 set to "MY LEGO", then went to "Find sets you can Build!". (Not surprisingly) the first few results appear to be the builds that are on the box of Classic 10704. Here's where I get confused, though: They all say I'm missing a few parts! How am I missing parts from builds that (as far as I can tell) are from the set I own? I noticed it does say I am missing them "Based on [my] build settings", so I assume it's something there, but I don't see anything obvious in my build settings that would be resulting in some of the Classic parts not being counted. What am I missing? Thanks in advance. I'm excited to get building!