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  1. JElliott4x4

    Ordering Parts

    It appears that the browser is at fault. I installed Google Chrome and was able to do all the things that I could not from Internet Explorer. I have been old school, was quite familiar with Iexplorer and had not wanted to change. Well, the change isn't too hard. I can run iexplorer when I want to. Issue resolved.
  2. JElliott4x4

    Ordering Parts

    I have chosen a MOC that I would like to build. I have 0 parts. I have all the sources of parts listed in the MOC with the various prices. I have clicked on "Add to cart" on the top 6 sources and each time, I get "Failed to add items to cart Invalid Parameters". I have done searches in the forum on this error message and get no results. Or the the results are so many pages into the past that I have not been able to view them. If I need to learn to browse the forum better, let me know!