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  1. Oh well, i think i'm getting it, I think the problem was that i deleted sets from my list that were also in the ignore list. This will result in the parts being deducted twice from a MOC part list so many parts show as negative in part lists for MOC's. I still think this is a bug or at least a glitch altough i'm happy to know the reason for my negative part count.
  2. How can i possibly own a negative number of parts? This also gives negative % of parts, or even missing more parts then there are in de MOC part list. I mentioned this earlier as reply in an other topic.
  3. I also seem to be missing more parts then there are in de MOC. I'm using Chrome on a Samsung tablet SM-T555 Android 6.0.1 I may need to mention that i recently chanced my sets lists because it seemed to me that i could not remove or delete (maybe you can help me out on this one) a set from my list. And a set marked as build was not ignored in the search for sets i can build. So i created an new set list (build sets), Deleted my first set list. And created an other set list (disassembled sets) Then the next day the bug above occurred