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  1. You know, I think this is a good idea and well reasoned, but I think it might add a layer of complexity that is not needed. An example - if I apply my stickers, then do I have the sticker sheet or do I not have the sticker sheet? I don't usually find sticker sheets in the back of the instructions listed as a part if I'm checking a set in the box vs the instructions..
  2. Huh, you might want to give it a shot at https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/ then, seems a database should be able to handle data coming in like that e.g. Box 13 Scanned Shelf 2 Scanned Box 13 is currently at Shelf 2 Box 13 Removed Shelf 2 Empty Box 13 Scanned Shelf 4 Scanned Box 13 is currently Removed Shelf 4 Empty Box 13 placed in Shelf 4 With some error handling on the front end that would be a pretty simple back end.
  3. What you need is RFID tags, one set for containers, one set for shelf spots and a scanner. Plenty of open source applications to handle the data. I'm envious.
  4. Ah, fair enough. What would they be then? Subsets? Would that be the same as (for instance) creating the minifig portions of large sets. Or the pelican for Old Fishing Store 21310? Who draws the line?
  5. I think one drawback is that I don't normally click on any MOCs that have the "Premium" tag, but I would be more likely to click on one that doesn't have it, really enjoy it and then go back to tip.
  6. Missing a few alt builds for some brick packs 10712 Bricks and Gears (https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/classic/building-instructions##sp=12600) 10712-1-s1 Helicopter 2018 Classic 10712-1-s2 Working Windmill 2018 10712-1-s3 Walrus 2018 10712-1-s4 Heron 2018 10712-1-s5 Duckling 2018 10712-1-s6 Fairground Carousel 2018 10712-1-s7 Sunflowers 2018 10712-1-s8 Turning Drill 2018 10712-1-s9 Barn Owl 2018 10712-1-s10 Orangutan 2018
  7. Missing a few alt builds for some brick packs 10698 Large Creative Brick Box (https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/classic/building-instructions##sp=6400) There are 11 alt builds in the rebrickable database, so set numbers will start at 12. The year is taken from the instructions copyright date 10698-1-s12 Royal Ring Guard 2017 Classic 10698-1-s13 Ho-Ho-Ho 2016 (Advent #2) 10698-1-s14 Father's Day 2016 10698-1-s15 Laughing Locomotive 2017 10698-1-s16 Paradise Palm Tree 2017 10698-1-s17 Toothpick Trolley 2017 10698-1-s18 Summer of Sport 2016 2016 10698-1-s19 Cerulean Sky Castle 2017 10698-1-s20 Garden Friends 2017 10698-1-s21 City Skyline 2015 10698-1-s22 Santa Claus 2016 (Advent #10) 10698-1-s23 Snowman 2016 (Advent #12) 10698-1-s24 Thanksgiving (Turkey Thanksgiving) 2016 10698-1-s25 4th of July (White House 4 of july) 2016 10698-1-s26 Oh Dear Deer 2017
  8. Windows 7 64 bit, Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) These four sets - 1560-1 - Glory Glider 1561-1 - Stunt Chopper 1562-1 - Wave Jumper 1563-1 - Track Blaster Do not show up in the Build Search. If I go to the set pages, they show I have 100% of the parts. The sets are included in my build option settings, the sets are not ignored and are not assembled. My build search filter options are:
  9. @Nathan Looks like it must've been a browser issue - strange it would keep my time zone settings but revert the others, but now I've cleared all my cache and it seems to be sticking. Thanks!
  10. Oh, that's what I've been doing, but it's not sticking. Uh.. maybe I'll clear my cookies and stuff and try again.
  11. I must not have my country set properly, I don't change devices, but if I close out my browser, it reverts back. It kept my time zone choice this time though? What country format should I have? "USA" "United States"?
  12. In my profile my location is set as AP, USA (armed forces - pacific). I change it on my rebrickable all the time, but it always reverts back to Japan - Yen from US - USD. Can I get this to stick? Technically, yes, my ISP is Japan, but I don't want to see all the prices in yen.