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  1. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to future updates. Steven
  2. Hi, Back for a follow up. Will there be any future development to include "Location" as a property in any of the API calls where you can get a list of your parts GET /api/v3/users/{user_token}/partlists/{list_id}/parts/ Currently when I update the location of my parts I will back it up the Part list in question, download it (the csv file has a column "Location"). I then import that into my application and hey presto, I can easily find my parts when building a set. Every other piece of information comes via the API Great site and love the API.
  3. Hi, First off, great site. Loving it. Signed up for a month of Pro to see what is possible and I'm really enjoying it. My question: Is there anywhere I can see the "Storage Location" when I choose to build a "Lego Set" or "MOC" from my parts list? I know I can see it when I browse my parts list. Right now I have added a few small sets (100 parts or less) to a custom list. Example set - 30285. Is there a way in the inventory of this set to see the "My Part Notes - Storage Location" or do I need to add the parts to a "Part List" or is there some other way. I can'f find an API call that exposes the "My Part Notes". I also know I can "Build This Set" > "Find My Parts" > "Find Parts" and this will show me in what Part List (Row 02) my parts are but I have a lower level such as Part List "02-03" (Row 2, Box 3) If you need any more info just let me know, any help would be appreciated. Steven