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  1. Plate 2x3 (3021) shows "No image available" for yellow in the gallery of available colors. The image is also missing from my part lists.
  2. I imported a BL XML file (exported from a Bricklink wanted list) and imported it into a Rebrickable custom list. Among several warnings for mapped entries was this error message. Errors: Part 4265c not found (need Quantity 13 Color 3) That part exists as 32123b in Rebrickable.
  3. I just imported an order from Bricklink, containing part 970c00 "Hips and Legs" (all 3 sub-parts in the same color), which is mapped to part 970c00pr1711 of Rebrickable ("Minifig Hips and Legs with Wilma Flintstone Print"). IMHO the corresponding Rebrickable item is 970c00 "Legs and Hips [Complete Assembly]".
  4. Very likely caused by the same bug that prevents logout and list creation - pages are cached in the browser, when they should be returned as non-cacheable by the server.
  5. Maybe this is related to the issue I just noticed - way too many pages are cached, so the browser does not re-request such a page. If this includes the home page and the logout URL, then only the first logout after clearing the browser cache will work. Any subsequent logout will not send the request to the server, but the browser will server the page that was returned after logout - which is the home page. Just tested, and it is exactly like I described. The request to "/logout/" returns a redirect to "/", which is marked as cacheable by the response header. A second logout attempt will simply (and without requesting a logout from the server) load the home page from cache. The underlying cause - pages being cached when they should not - is a HIGH prio bug in my opinion, because it leads to inconsistent results and strange bugs (like not being able to log out or create new part lists).
  6. It seems that way too many pages are now cached. This also affects the custom list pages themselves - I added a new custom after visiting one list, and the new list is not listed when I now load the list that I visited before. Looking at the browser's network view, I see that the list page was taken from cache.
  7. Adding a new custom list seems not to work, at least not for the second list. It seems that the "Add new List" button issues a GET request, with the response being cached by the browser (Firefox, in my case). So hitting the button a second time will just load the cached page, instead of sending the request to the server. Instead, the button should issue a POST request, which will never be cached by the browser. EDIT: Using a GET request works as long as the response (and the page that is being redirected to) is to not cached. OTOH, it is good practice to only use POST requests (by using a form or script) for anything that changes server state - like creating lists. The Pro feature of backing up a list is already implemented using a POST request.
  8. Just noticed that e.g. in set 31088-1 some hinge parts are listed as 44301a and 44302a (with groove), and listed as such in the instructions (using some other code, 4183035 and 4183060, which seems to translate to the ones with groove). On pictures (e.g. in a review to be found at BrickSet), those parts are clearly 44301b and 44302b (without groove). Also, on BrickLink the inventory is listed with the b variants (without groove), in accordance with the images. The same seems to be true for several other sets. Is there a reason for this discrepancy? I don't own the set, so I can not check for myself. Just stumbled over this when I added a white 44301b to my part list, which was not used since 2013 according to Rebrickable inventories, when it seemingly is still used.
  9. Yes, just saving each part in the part summary popup did update the image. Thank you!
  10. An update from my side: The view of my part list has not yet changed, even after approving the dark red photo. The dark red image is not shown in the part list, instead the white part is displayed. In the part summary, the image is shown properly, as it is for light gray.
  11. As noted in my other post, the submitted photo for one part is not shown, even though it was approved by TobyMac. I am opening a new thread to keep the other one focused on getting rid of part errors, if that's OK with you. This is how the part list looks like for me now: The third item is in dark red, I just uploaded a photo. The one with "No Image Available" is light gray, and the photo was approved and is shown in the part summary.
  12. I have built and given away multiple copies of a MOC, and would like to update my collection to no longer contain the required parts. All the required parts are registered in my part lists, distributed across several lists. My part lists are mostly split by part categories, except for recent imports of bricklink orders. How could I approach this without manually updating the collection numbers for each part in the MOC inventory?
  13. I will check back in some time, to see if the issue resolves itself. In the meantime, would it be a good idea to make a MOC with the parts, just for the sake of having them included and their photos shown on the part page? Or should I only make MOCs that would be interesting for other aspects except just containing unused parts?
  14. Thank you. In my inventory, they all show up now, except for Light Gray. Did I miss to upload that color? If so, I will gladly submit that photo. Edit: The picture is shown when I open the part summary. But it is not shown in my Part List.