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  1. Thank you! I now can find the head using search terms "head moustache blocked open stud". Previously, I had "black" as another search term, but the description does not mention the hair or moustache color, so I overlooked it. Now I notice that several descriptions do not mention the print color, so I'll leave it out the next time I cannot find one.
  2. IIRC, the prices are based only on new parts, and don't include used parts. Especially for parts that are out of production for a long time, this inflates the prices as well because there are very few new parts in existence.
  3. sirjective1

    Part identification

    I cannot identify the following 2x5 part, despite searching for several keywords on several platforms. The pattern is a sticker. Also, I could not identify this head - it has a blocked open stud: Thanks in advance for helping me identify them!
  4. Images cannot be loaded anymore, because the certificate of just expired.
  5. I just looked at the link with a debugging web proxy, and noticed that the location response header is duplicated: :status: 301 date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020 21:11:12 GMT content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 location: /parts/bricklink/3003/ access-control-allow-origin: * location: bricklink last-modified: Saturday, 25-Jan-2020 21:11:12 GMT cache-control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate, max-age=0 cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC expect-ct: max-age=604800, report-uri="" server: cloudflare cf-ray: 55ad3d00ac686b7d-LHR This duplication seems to irritate Firefox. The redirect target, which is the same URL with an appended "/", also responds with the "location: bricklink" header, which is ignored for non-redirect responses.
  6. One of my partlists, that I emptied by moving its parts to other lists shos a nonzero total number of items. I can of course simply delete the list, but wanted to bring it to attention and let you check whether there is an underlying issue. Kind regards!
  7. By chance I stumbled over the inventory of set 7239-1 which still has the minifig listed as a sub set. Is the test still ongoing?
  8. sirjective1

    Part identification

    Got some parts I don't know yet and can't describe adequately enough to find them. Hope you can help me identify them. Thanks!
  9. I imported an .io file directly into Rebrickable, and got the following messages. Detected Stud.IO file Processing file version 2.0.12_1 Found 1 Models Converting parts/sets from scheme: LD Found 205 parts Errors: Color 326 on Part 3004 not found - using Unknown Color (try changing the External Source) Color 10001 on Part 59900 not found - using Unknown Color (try changing the External Source) Color 10001 on Part 6141 not found - using Unknown Color (try changing the External Source) The following colors were not correctly mapped when importing the .io file. Blue-Violet was mapped to Royal Blue Glow in Dark White (Color 10001) was mapped to Unknown Color Yellowish Green (Color 326) was mapped to Unknown Color
  10. I submitted both parts, and also suggested relations between the different 1x3x2 doors. In one of the change requests, I confused the parts with some 1x3x3 doors; I already submitted another change request to fix that. The "It looks like this Part has been superseded by" is also wrong; I did not notice that in the change request. Is there a way for me to see and edit my pending change requests?
  11. I just noticed that Bricklink has a link from each part description page to a corresponding page on other platforms, including Rebrickable. That backlink does work just fine in Chrome and IE11, but it failed to load for me in Firefox 60.6.1esr (64-Bit) on Windows 10. E.g. loading that URL fails for me: yields the following error message (in German): The error message is the same regardless of whether the part exists or not. After updating to Firefox 60.9.0esr (64-Bit), the problem persists.
  12. I only have the left door, so I could only provide a picture for that, not for the corresponding right door. Should I submit the right door as well, for symmetry?
  13. Thank you for the background information regarding the different handling of assemblies! I was not aware of that. I will keep the difference in mind when I import part lists in the future.
  14. I have found two issues, which I worked around manually for now, but report them anyway, so they can be resolved in the future. 1. Swimsuit Batman's legs Bricklink's part 970c90pb12 (Hips and Light Flesh Legs with Gold Bat and Black Leotard Pattern) exists only in black, where the color refers to the hips. Rebrickable's part 970x026pr1398 (Legs and Black Hips with Gold Bat and Black Leotard Print) exists only in light flesh, where the color refers to the legs. The Bricklink part is converted to the Rebrickable part with a warning: Part 970c90pb12 → 970x026pr1398 Legs and Black Hips with Gold Bat and Black Leotard Print (via external system BL map) The part keeps the color, so the legs are considered black. They should be light flesh instead. Is it possible (and desirable) to convert the color of this part during import? 2. Matching pair of arms A matching pair of left and right arms (981982) was silently discarded during import of a Bricklink order. When I generated a Bricklink wanted list from the order and import that, the following error was listed: Part 981982 Arm, (Matching Left and Right) Pair is disabled and cannot be used (need Quantity 4 Color 55) It would be nice if the pair of arms was instead split into a separate left and right arm of the same color, which are still valid in Rebrickable. (They end up having part errors, because Set inventories don't list individual arms, but that's fine for now, I guess.) Kind regards! PS: I just saw that there is a dedicated thread for wrong external mappings. I will try to use for any future mapping issues I notice:
  15. The "Mark Set as Built/Assembled" function is used to tell Rebrickable that you have assembled the set, using the lose parts you have listed in your part lists. This is used to ignore these parts when computing what you have when building other sets. In your part lists, you own 2.8% of the parts of the set, therefore a warning is issued that you don't own all the parts required for the set. Likely you wanted to list the set as owned by you. To do that, add the set into a set list using the "Add Set to List/Inv" function. EDIT: I see that you already had listed the set as owned. As far as I know, Rebrickable has no function to mark a set from your set list as being assembled. If you want to tell Rebrickable to not use the set's parts in build calculations, you can change the "Use these Sets in Build calculations?" flag for the whole set list, and separate your sets into multiple lists, one for the assembled sets, one for the unassembled but complete sets, one for the "free to build other stuff with" set. Kind regards!