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  1. Often, it helps for me to see the high count items (in addition to color, category and price). Adding Item Qty to the this of sort options drop down with help me out greatly! Thanks!
  2. I noted similar bug over a month ago. It would seem they do not limit the minimum output of a subtraction option (whether it exists in the target list or not) to be ZERO, which is the desired action. This basically fails any subtraction operation / consumption if the part list being operated on is not 100% a super-set of what is being consumed...I've since had to revise how I get part set differentials / residuals.
  3. Yup, I agree. Either way, I can avoid the issue completely, if I just don't have *any* sets marked built...given I can only have 10 sets marked built anyway with the non-premium, it seems pretty pointless, and the havoc it was wreaking on my computation of parts was just plain unacceptable, and it all works fine if I removed all sets from being 'built'. So, I've moved to this...and just use specific part lists to be "used in build" calculations. Working fine..except a new bug, but that's another topic.
  4. I've managed to come up short on builds / orders now a couple times when the MoC set inventory includes the new "Any Color" or "No Color" as a requirement. At first I thought I had messed something up, but it has happened an alarming number of times now when I've generated orders to build sets when the MoC has the Any Color selection (it seems *and* specific color for the same part). Basically, I can recreate it easily enough, and the "build it" option using available inventories matches both No Color and Color requirements and leave you MISSING parts that you need!!! I'm on Chrome, but I don't think(?) this matters. Here is an example "Custom List" with just 3 parts required (you can see this public list at Now, here is a Test list of parts I may HAVE. It just has 1 part (a black 3001). This *could* match either of the 3001 blocks in the custom list (though I would hope it would match the specific color requirements *first*). Go in and click "Build this List" option (similar to what you would do on a MoC where I first saw the issue), and ONLY have that Test list checked as "Use in my build list" and you'll notice that you do NOT get a resulting "needed" 3001 block, only the 3003. It would seem that the No Color / Any Color is matching, BUT NOT CONSUMING the 3001 when there are other specific color requirements. Leaving me thinking I only need to buy the 3003. Wrong. This gets very large on errors as I've begun to try to use the "any color" option to help source internal bricks on MoC designs. Please Help/Fix!!! is leaving me VERY SHORT on parts when I do orders... BR, Jeff
  5. I can confirm that I've also had this issue myself. The only way to consistently not have it fail, is to create a new list in a separate window and not as part of the button create at the time, but then select it from the drop down. I'm not sure if it has to do with what order in the list the new list becomes, but I continually corrupt existing lists when trying to add to new list without doing this.
  6. ...and again, I *think* I've found a long way around to do this. Make all your original Set A a "custom" list. Then, click Build This List. From there, assuming you ONLY have selected Part List B as "Use in Build", you would build List A with that Part List B MoC. This will show you all the items "left to buy", but same as what you have left over and now you can SAVE this to a Part List (call it Left Over)... Now, AS I BUILD from sets I buy, I have an automatic way to keep a running list of left overs that I can consume/use from on other MoC builds.
  7. Here is a simple example: Set A Part list has: 3x Item X 2x Item Y 20x Item Z Set B MOC Part list has: 5x Item X 10x Item W 3x Item Z I would like to Remove (subtract button in import) all items that can be consumed by building Set B from Set A. I click on Import when in Set A parts list, after EXPORTING Set B's items to Rebrickable CSV (I would like to simply subtract a parts list from another parts list without exporting, but, that doesn't seem available). Unfortunately, because Set B's list has 5x Item X, it tries to make Set A's Item X -2, and throws an error an the entire Import fails. I would prefer if there were an option to simply WARN that Item X had exceeded Set A's counts and counts had been clamped at 0. I also assume 10x Item W would make Set A part list negative as an error. The 3x Item Z would work as expected and leave you with 17x Item Z left over to build other things...
  8. Another way to think about this, is I want to have a list of "left over" parts after using a set (or sets) to build a MoC. The only way I can see to do this, is export the original set parts list for the MoC to rebrickable CSV, and then try to IMPORT that (as a subtraction) off of the Original Set Parts list. Unfortunately, I get an error that "part count for XXXYYYZZZ part can not be <0", or something like that. I would DESPERATELY like to ignore this error and have it just clamp the target parts list to NOT go below zero, but just warn me with the line items it clamped. Either way, assuming I already got all my parts to BUILD the MoC, this is a GLORIOUS way for me to get a "balance" of parts NOT USED that I can then "use" as spare parts for other sets...or at least see what would be left over. Please help?
  9. Finding a problem when trying to build a "buy on bricklink" parts list. Basically, I have a list of parts I "need" to have, and then I would like to just subtract out parts from sets I'm buying for that (sort of a manual compute build this MOC). I'm trying this from the Import/Export button on the My Parts screen. There is a List A with say 150 parts. And a CSV exported set list. I want to "subtract from current list" on that dialog. It works if there are MORE in my current List A of every part. Problem is, if there is any line item type with MORE than I have in List A, it fails with an error "Can't have negative" or something. While I think the error makes sense, I would like the ability to ignore this and just have it zero out and not go negative. Basically, it is eliminating parts I need by dropping sets on it. I think I've found better ways to do this with the My Custom Lists, and apply MOC's and stuff and can get delta's from that in the Build It! dialog similar to a set, but figured I'd mention this here. Jeff
  10. I've had this as well, when doing "Build this Set" calculations when I had "sets" that I had listed as "use in my build", but then had them marked as "currently built". Seems like it tries to compute parts you HAVE, but then subtracts them out, and then when you UNCHECK those in the "recompute build", it incorrectly marks those as missing and needed. Anyway, the best solution I've found is to not have ANY sets available for builds (uncheck all in "my sets") and to NOT have any sets "built" currently...