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  1. Thank you for your reply and taking the time. I will have a closer look at the pdf you did for me and see if that helps. I have done a few of the MOC now, but only the ones that have PDF Instructions. I will continue to try to get the Instructions to work, the crawler crane really grabbed me, as have a couple of other, but, .IO & .LDD files, so maybe not. Thanks again. Colin
  2. OOOpps, of course there is, sorry. Refering to MOC-22859.
  3. Hi , I would like to build MOC- Crawler Crane. I have followed the link to get the building instructions, installed the Studio 2 programme that is needed to view the ,IO files and as far as I can tell there are no instructions. Just a list of steps. I have downloaded both files that are on Bricksafe. I also have Lego Digital Designer but all I seem to have is a screen with the modules on it. Activating the Insgtuction part of the programme just locks my Laptop up. Have to use Task Manager to close it down. Have left it for over ann hour. Can any one help with what I am doing wrong or if I am using the wrong programmes or need more.Thank you
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh, I am very new to this MOC and hadnt realised that there are various versions, so thank you for clearing that up.
  5. I have also noticed that they are missing on other MOC's, so was wondering if there is a reason for the omission.
  6. But never would have got there if you hadn't pointed me in the right direction. So thanks for the heads up. Bit of a Technophobe(?) As for the "missing" controllers, I even looked through the parts list at source, before I copied it to my "area", so any pointers would help. Colin
  7. Me again. Run the parts list of to find parts I neded to buy, but I can clearly see that the to buy list does not show the controllers I need(4 wanted, I have 2). Any one advise on what i may have done wrong. These 2 controllers are blindingly obvious, but I wnder what else may not have been found. Advice please.
  8. Hi Simon, Thanks for your promp reply. Managed to follow and carry out filling in the 2 custom lists, Took me a long time, but got there in the end. Filling in the parts for the MOC I did by exporting the parts to a list, that was easy. My parts was a bit more long winded, ended up by looking up one of my sets and exporting the parts as a .CSV and adding to my parts and the repeated for my other sets. If that makes sense. Then all I did was to open the MOC parts list I had created and buy the bricks, except think the boss would have a heart attack if I was to do that at the moment. This bit was simple, once I worked it out, Colin
  9. Hope the title makes sense. I have 5 sets, of which 2 are cranes. I like cranes, love the mechanics involved. While doing a search I found a MOC for a very large crane. One of the instruction parts is MOC-7911 and it was by Peteria. I have my sets stored in My Sets List. The Build this MOC came in three parts. If I go to "Build this MOC" for the first part I find I have 88% of the parts. How do I eliminate the parts I have in my "Sets List"now used in part 1 to find what I need for part 2, and then part 3. May find that at this point it is too expensive, but would like to find out as it looks interesting/ BIG. Hope this makes sense. Colin