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  1. It's back up! (Sorry for the downtime.) I added a setting for hiding pieces once all their checkboxes are marked. Put "completed=hide" in the URL* For example: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1&completed=hide Also, I added a reset button at the bottom to clear all the checkboxes on the page, since clearing checkboxes is hard in completed=hide mode. (* Using the normal URL rules of &-separated a=b things after a ?.)
  2. Added! Put "sort=part" in the URL* to get this sorting order. For example: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1&sort=part (* Using the normal URL rules of &-separated a=b things after a ?.)
  3. I updated it to save the state of the checkboxes. (Checkmarks are stored in your browser's localStorage, so it won't magically know its still you if you switch computers / browsers / profiles. Checks will be deleted if you use private / incognito mode or clear your browser history. Browsers' typical 5MiB per-origin storage limit should accommodate ~150,000 saved checkboxes.) lego-pieces-checklist-generator.php.txt
  4. I added the numeric count (in addition to the many checkboxes) to the live version: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 The count seems useful for folks that have their pieces sorted into many different bins (and so are unlikely to be tracking the counts of multiple piece types while picking), while the many-checkboxes are essential for folks with unsorted or minimally-sorted (eg: just by color) pieces. Thanks!
  5. Done! I did pretty much the same thing, but also added some CSS to switch it back to ☐s when printing. Thanks!
  6. I made a super-simple parts checklist generator that uses the Rebrickable API. I don't intend to use it heavily or promote it widely, so I don't expect that it will send a huge amount of traffic to the Rebrickable API, but I currently have no controls on the amount of traffic that other people can generate under my API Key because this is a page on the public internet. Do I need to have access controls / rate limiting / caching on my end? Or can I rely on the API throttling my API Key appropriately in the unlikely event that this sees a period of heavy usage or abuse? (At present, this tool is stateless. It's whole job is much simpler than proper throttling and caching logic would be -- adding this would more-than-double its complexity. I'm kind of hoping it's considered OK to just lean on the API for this.) Thanks!
  7. I made a simple printable checklist generator using the Rebrickable API. For example, use https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 to make a checklist for set 8820-1. Source code is at https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/index.phps if you want to modify it to display differently, sort differently, etc. Screenshot of a generated checklist attached. lego-pieces-checklist-generator.phps.txt