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  1. 2 hours ago, jaredhinton said:

    My understanding is spare parts do not count towards your total parts count. So if you inventory spare parts in a separate parts list it will not duplicate the part in your total. I may be wrong about this and would love to know if I am!

    I thought this might be the case too, but I tested this quickly by duplicating a set in my set lists.  The global part count went up by the total number of pieces in the set, plus the set's spare parts.

    On a side note, I think I can leverage the custom list functionality after all.  All I need to do is copy the spare parts into a custom list, then keep the list open in a separate browser tab when looking for replacement lost pieces.  I think this will work quite well, albeit knowing to look for the spare parts in the custom list.

  2. Hi everyone!  The spare parts that come with new sets are ideal for replacing arbitrary lots parts; I'd like to be able to search my loose and spare parts for any other parts that I've marked as lost.  What is a good way to manage inventory to accomplish this?

    I currently manage one set list for all of my sets, and one parts list for loose parts.  The loose parts list are strictly loose parts -- not the spare parts included with an arbitrary set.  When I view the part summary of a lost part, I can see if it appears in my loose part list or any of my sets.  However,  I can't tell if the lost part is a spare part without checking each of the sets that it appears in.

    I though I might make finding lost parts easier by creating a new parts list for all of my sets' spare parts.  This works, but unfortunately adds the list's parts to the total owned parts giving an inaccurate count/value.  Not ideal, but usable.  Furthermore, I tried using a custom parts list and while these parts don't get added to the global total, the custom parts list doesn't show up in the part summary for searching.

    I suppose I could also abandon using one set list and create part lists for each set.

    Any suggestions how I can approach this?  I suspect I'm overlooking something straightforward!  Perhaps a feature request to show a system-managed "Spare Parts from Sets" list in the parts summary might be useful to several users.