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  1. Hi! I have saved multiple parts list on my computer and I would like to use Bricklink or Rebrickable to know what parts are missing. I already have all my parts listed on rebrickable. When I look MOC on the website It said as you know ; you have 95% of the parts to build that. And you just click to know what are the missing parts. But how can we do it for MOC who are not on rebrickable. I didn't find a way to export my part list on bricklink and I don't find a way to import parts list to verify against my own parts list on Rebrickable. How you guys are doing this? THX
  2. Thx for your answer. I made the importjson code. Paste all words of the lego receipt and paste your command. That make a list in csv who is readable but rebrickable do not accept the format... Maybe I don't understand that part of your message : and then put the command above into the next column. You will also need to substitute your own API key at the relevant point. I paste the command on the right of the receipt paste , it was in the F column, the case were already highlighted. I don't understand what you mean by ; substitute your own API key at the relevant point. I'm not very good with codes and everything but it looks like i'm not for to get it work so please help me to finish that. Thx
  3. Hi everyone! That question have been ask on the v2 forum with no real answer. I made 2 orders of parts on legoshop, pic a brick for about 200$ and I want to add those parts to my parts list without adding every single parts number one by one. I can't imagine that this situation haven't been resolved by rebrickable. Please tell me how you do that. Adding parts bought on bricklink was so easy, hope there's something like that to help. THX