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  1. Hello everyone, the following sticker sets are missing from the inventory: Technic 8094 - 8094stk01 Technic 8485 - 8485stk01 Additional question: is there a list of parts which don't have a photo? If so, might I can provide some.
  2. Disregard, my mistake, sorry about that! I meant the set 8094, it is all right. Sorry again.
  3. Hi there, inventory of Technic set 8480 does not include the pen, though it is listed in the 'All my parts" section. This way it seems not to be possible to mark the item as ''lost'. Cheers, Gábor
  4. Thank you, especially for the quick response. Cheers, Gábor
  5. Whom it may concern According to Rebrickable inventory, Technic set 8839 inculdes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 6L. In reality the set includes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 7L. Though if you check the data sheet for part 7L, it says that there are 2 of them in the 8839 set.