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  1. Thank you, but this problem have also the 42078 Mack Anthem. I think all sets of the year... Don´t have time to look at all now, maybe tomorrow...
  2. Today I looked at the B-Model of the 42077 Rally Car (Buggy). I have the 42077 set, but "Build this set" means that I miss 7 parts. These parts have at the A-Model the new part number, but at the B-Model the old part number. That´s really confusing... Why you don´t merge the 2 part number that I see that I have all parts? I hope you understand what I mean... (bad englisch ? )
  3. Sorry, my english is not so good and so I try it on this way: I would "pimp" my 42056 (Porsche) and my 42083 (Bugatti Chiron). Is it possible to search the missed part´s for the 2 MOCs at the same time to order them? Perhaps some parts that left over from the 42056 I can need at the Bugatti or the other way around. I also can´t use the parts that I need in the pimped Porsche for the pimped Bugatti... I only find how I can do that at both seperatly. Thanks, Phil edit: I try it with the "custom part list", that will work